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Habibi Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

It was such a fine morning today Sadeekun, I actually woke up early today because I had big plans to go check out uncle Ismail’s site. I can literally see it going real easy cuz cmon saadikun, how hard can renovating be? I grinned foolishly all morning, and cleaned my flat out, yes Sadeekun, cleaning! Not just wiping down with a towel, but actual soapy sudsy kind of cleaning. The one I would never let my friends see lol, or they’d call me an aunty with an itch!! I got quizzical glances all morning, because of my bounding enthusiasm. I even helped a granny from the building across to cross the road, I considered that my good deed for the day, so I wouldn’t feel guilty for missing fajr salah today.

As I headed towards the site, my stomach clenched with nerves, this was the first time I’d been given such a big responsibility, would I match up to it? I followed the directions uncle Ismail had given me and frowned in confusion when it lead me towards the industrial area of the city. How they were planning to run the shop amidst warehouses and factories was beyond me. Who would come this far out just to buy a few groceries at a cheaper price? Only a fool… That same money they would save on groceries will be pumped into their tanks to come out here. They might as well just buy from the local grocery store.

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