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Habibati Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

Even though we got down to the more intense questions today, I actually felt more at ease and was comfortable with being myself. I won’t lie, as embarrassing and crazy as Tasneem can be, I don’t know how I could’ve went through this without her. I had a nap after Fajr and then woke up at about 8am and saw that she and Riaz had left a few notifications in the group after Fajr.

Tasneem: The wedding itself… Do you dream of a big fancy thing… Or ?
Tasneem: I will try and think of more questions but in the meantime, Sis Aafiyah… Hit Nusaybah with questions that you know your bro might be too shy to ask.
Riaz: Lol, I Personally Feel That All Further Questions Be Put On Hold Until Nusaybah Gives Her Opinion On ‘The Big Question’ Though, Whenever She’s Ready And Comfortable In Doing So, Wouldn’t That Be A More Appropriate Way To Approach The Progression Sister Tasneem?
Tasneem: Yep of course… Everyone can answer when ready. I’m just putting it out there coz I don’t know when I’ll be able to check in again. I ask maaf if I have overstepped with anyone of you. I hope this works out In-Sha-Allah if it is what is best.
Riaz: Understandable… Ameen.
Tasneem: Annnd I thought of another question… Since it’s such a big thing in our beautiful religion… Where do you both stand when it comes to Salaah?
Tasneem: Right! That’s all from me for now. Assalaamu Alaikum!
Riaz: Wa Alaikum Salaam.

I figured that Riaz hadn’t answered any of the other questions because he was probably stressing over what my answer would be to the previous question about how we would manage the whole distance thing if we did decide to get married.

Me: Alrighty… so I read and reread Riaz’st last big questions answer about 10 times now. I’m actually quite happy with it, although, I would just prefer a proper nikkah rather than a ‘skype nikkah’. As for Tasneem’s question about the wedding, I’ve always wanted a small wedding nothing big, nothing fancy. I feel it’s completely unislamic and wrong but of course I’m willing to sway a little bit. As for the salaah, I read all my namaaz always Alhumdulilah.
Riaz: Right, so, Namaaz-wise, same situation here as well Alhamdulillah, 5 daily since I was about 13.
Riaz: Wedding, EXACT Same Feelings Here, Smallest, Most Halaal Way Possible, No Need To ‘Sway’ In Any Way There In-sha-Allah

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