{A CIIYF Production}
Habibi Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

I woke up to the sound of Mrs. Vermaak banging down my door. “Hold on… Hold on.”, I yelled, trying to make my way to the door through the obstacle course that had been created in my flat by the sleeping guys last night.

I felt like a bat when I opened the door and the light shed directly inside. We had been indoors all weekend, so you can imagine how my eyes rolled back into my head when I opened the door. Trying to peel my eyes open and look at the body corp lady, I listened as she went on ranting about the noise we made this weekend. “Do you know how many complaints I’ve gotten because of the racket you had made in these past 3 days? This is unacceptable!”, she scolded.

I stepped outside and pulled the door behind me so that the guys inside wouldn’t get disturbed by the noise this granny was making. “I understand. I’m so sorry. I truly am… My friends just came to say goodbye since I’m leaving work. And you know how hard it is to control a pack of wild guys.”, I told her. Her eyebrows raised right up in horror before she cleared her throat and said, “I wouldn’t know about that. Just please… Don’t let it happen again.”
“I won’t Mrs. Vermaak, thank you!”, I told her, throwing a million dollar morning smirk at the old lady. She sped away quickly, probably feeling uncomfortable at this point.

I turned around to go back inside and realised that the idiots inside had locked me out. “Damn! I should’ve known…”, I mumbled to myself. “Cumon bra! Open the door.”, I tried whispering through the key hole. I had just received a verbal warning from body corp, I wasn’t going to chance getting a written one. “Guys… Please man.” I pleaded, with my ear against the door, trying to figure out who was behind this stunt.

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