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Author’s note: I know post is late, but like I said, I’m having some data issues at the moment but I hope the long post that I stayed up after midnight to write and post, makes up for the delay. Jazak-Allah for being so patient.


Habibati Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

On the way to taaleem today, Tasneem kept shooting me furtive glances. When I returned her look, she smiled a little guiltily, went rosy and then looked away. I frowned in suspicion when it happened more than a few times. “Okay Nemo, spit it out.” I growled. Her eyes went wide and she shook her head a little too fast if you ask me. “It’s nothing.” She said.

I pushed and pushed but she wouldn’t budge. So I smiled knowingly, “What’s wrong? You got a girl crush on me?” I fluttered my eyes for the effect. “I wouldn’t blame you if you did.”, I told her. She giggled and shoved me away. “Eww Astaghfirullah, Stop it, we’re almost here. Now, did you make all the niyyats (intentions) of coming to taaleem?”

She was a master at distraction, I tell you Sadeekun. I smiled and we both rattled off the intentions one by one.

1. I am going for the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wataala.
2. I am going to rectify my mistakes.
3. I am going to meet my mahram sisters for the pleasure of the Almighty.
4. I am going to visit a sick person who might need my help or my prayer.
5. I am going with the intention of learning the deen of Islam.
6. I am going with the intention of i’tikaaf until I return home.
7. I am going to join the gathering of deen with the intention of practicing upon what I learn.
8. I am going with the intention of helping someone who might need my assistance.

The afternoon passed in almost a blur, and I invited Tasneem to come over for iftaar. I’ve only recently found out what a grave sin it is to not keep the missed fasts of Ramadhaan, so I’ve made my intention to start keeping them for all the ones I’ve missed over the years. Tasneem plays a big role in it though, even though her fasts have already been kept, she decided to be my fasting buddy so that I wouldn’t have to do it alone. It really makes a big difference when you know someone else is also fasting with you, even if they aren’t living in the same house as you.

We fast every Monday and Thursday so that Tasneem can keep it as a Sunnah fast and I just keep it as Qaza. Also, the space between days gives us time to work up some energy before fasting the next one. Mum even joins in now and then. She says we inspire her. Who knew? A small sincere act can go quite a long way, and I didn’t even have to preach about it.

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