NOTICE: Catch Up On Past Seasons

Authors Note: Just want to send a shout out to AK for parts of yesterday’s episode. In the rush of posting, I forgot to give credit. Also… 

A BIG Jazak-Allah for all the love I’ve been getting in the likes, comments and inboxes from you readers across the tdoas social media platforms. It’s just so amazing… I’m truly touched. 

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My life literally is lived by the second. Just as the plot of the story is unpredictable until the actual moment I’m typing, my life is so unpredictable until I’m actually doing the next task. But my goal is to post every 2nd or 3rd day. But here’s some links to previous seasons to keep you’ll busy in the mean time… 

Here are the exact links to all the seasons for those of you who have missed out on any seasons.

Season 1 – Nusaybah

Season 1 – Sayfullah

Season 2 – Nusaybah

Season 2 – Sayfullah

Season 3 – Nusaybah

Season 3 – Sayfullah

Season 4 – Nusaybah

Season 4 – Sayfullah

Season 5 – Nusaybah

Season 5 – Sayfullah