{A CIIYF Production}

Habibati Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

I’m really starting to worry about Daddy. He had been coming home stressed out everyday all week and he doesn’t seem to be enjoying work as much as he used to either. When he came home last night the table had already been set and Mum’s delicious chicken ukni was sitting perfectly in the middle. The aroma filled the house, making my tummy grumble. Before I knew it, I was already sitting at the table and waiting to dig in. “Wait for your father Nusaybah.”, Mummy scolded as I was just about to pinch a grain of rice from the bowl.

Mum was more of a lioness… She always gave Dad to eat first, then she would dish out for us and then finally scrape the bottom to dish out for herself. The only difference between us and a pride of lions were that we enjoyed sitting to eat together as a family. Last night was different though… Dad said he didn’t want to eat and went straight to bed. Mum followed him into the room to find out what was wrong while I sat awkwardly alone at the table.

I figured he was just not feeling too well, which usually meant that he didn’t have an appetite and could only eat soup, which meant that there was more food for me! A loud grumble in my tummy gave me permission to dig in while the adults were away. A nagging feeling kept telling me to go and find out what was going on, but I was too hungry to bother listening to it. Mum hadn’t come back out the room and when I was done eating, there was nothing holding me back from being the investigator that I usually am.

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