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Author’s note: Because of the overwhelming feeling we got from the amount of feedback we got on the previous post, I thought it was only fair to give you guys a bonus post. So this post is specially dedicated to all those who liked, read, and commented because without you guys, this blog would be useless.

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Habibati Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

Tas: Nusi…
Tas: Are you awake?
Tas: I can’t sleep…
Tas: Please be awake.
Tas: I’m feeling terrible.
Tas: I don’t really know exactly why.
Tas: Well actually… I do.
Tas: It’s because I feel like a terrible friend right now.
Tas: I guess I just don’t want to get you over the moon about it and then maybe his parents end up saying no…
Tas: Then you hate me…
Tas: And blame me for starting all this in the first place.
Tas: Maybe I’m just over thinking this whole thing…
Tas: Let’s just wait to see what his parents say.
Tas: But I just want you to remember
Tas: It may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know. (Qur’an 2:216)
Tas: Whatever is best is what will happen In-Sha-Allah
Tas: Ok… I think I’m done now. Sweet dreams.

17 messages Sadeekun! SEVENTEEN!!!

Me: O..M..G!
Me: You’re PMS’ing aren’t you? Coz SOMETHING has to be wrong with you for you to think it’s normal to message people at this hour.
Me: At like… Half past 4 in the morning you want to talk to me about this?!
Me: There is still A WHOLE HOUR left before fajr! And you know how much this one hour means to the body builders who have to lift blankets when azaan goes.
Me: You’re crazy woman!
Tas: I love you don’t I? Nothing can be crazier than that…
Me: You know… If I didn’t love you back, I would’ve blocked you already.
Tas: Well then, I don’t know how you’re going to put up with Riaz because IF he does marry you… That’s a whole nuda level of crazy!
Me: What?!
Me: I have no words for you… Who would say you’re an APA?!
Tas: …Go sleep woman!

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Habibati Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

When Mum took the phone from Raeesa and held it to her ear, I was expecting the worst. I thought this was it… Dad was finally fired. I looked at Mum with a blank expression on my face. All she kept saying was, “Ok… Uh huh… I see… Alright”. I was so anxious to know what was going on that I even started signing to mum while she was on the phone, she hates that! Usually she would yell at me to stop it and leave her alone coz she is on a call, but this time, she turned me around and sent me out the room, closing the door behind her.

I can’t stand all this uncertainty. On the one hand it’s dad’s job and on the other, it’s this whole marriage thing with… With… that ‘guy’?

I sighed and sat back down at my table, trying to finish my marking to get my mind off wanting to harass Tasneem and Mum for answers. My mind drifted off when I started thinking about how much of my life I spend marking and planning and teaching and marking some more. If you really think about it, teachers sacrifice their lives for the futures of their students, yet they are so unappreciated.

I quickly snapped out of my depressing thoughts when I heard my phone go all crazy on me. It was Tasneem.

Tas: Nusiiii
Tas: Wake up!
Tas: He replied!
Tas: I hope to God you aren’t sleeping!
Tas: I can’t contain my emotions right now!
Tas: Wake up woman!

As silly as this sounds, Tasneem’s chats scare me sometimes. In real life she might be this sweet and innocent Apa, but over chat… Hmph… This chick is a GANGSTA!!! She WILL murder you with those exclamations and caps lock of hers…

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{A CIIYF Production}

Author’s note: I know post is late, but like I said, I’m having some data issues at the moment but I hope the long post that I stayed up after midnight to write and post, makes up for the delay. Jazak-Allah for being so patient.


Habibati Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

On the way to taaleem today, Tasneem kept shooting me furtive glances. When I returned her look, she smiled a little guiltily, went rosy and then looked away. I frowned in suspicion when it happened more than a few times. “Okay Nemo, spit it out.” I growled. Her eyes went wide and she shook her head a little too fast if you ask me. “It’s nothing.” She said.

I pushed and pushed but she wouldn’t budge. So I smiled knowingly, “What’s wrong? You got a girl crush on me?” I fluttered my eyes for the effect. “I wouldn’t blame you if you did.”, I told her. She giggled and shoved me away. “Eww Astaghfirullah, Stop it, we’re almost here. Now, did you make all the niyyats (intentions) of coming to taaleem?”

She was a master at distraction, I tell you Sadeekun. I smiled and we both rattled off the intentions one by one.

1. I am going for the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wataala.
2. I am going to rectify my mistakes.
3. I am going to meet my mahram sisters for the pleasure of the Almighty.
4. I am going to visit a sick person who might need my help or my prayer.
5. I am going with the intention of learning the deen of Islam.
6. I am going with the intention of i’tikaaf until I return home.
7. I am going to join the gathering of deen with the intention of practicing upon what I learn.
8. I am going with the intention of helping someone who might need my assistance.

The afternoon passed in almost a blur, and I invited Tasneem to come over for iftaar. I’ve only recently found out what a grave sin it is to not keep the missed fasts of Ramadhaan, so I’ve made my intention to start keeping them for all the ones I’ve missed over the years. Tasneem plays a big role in it though, even though her fasts have already been kept, she decided to be my fasting buddy so that I wouldn’t have to do it alone. It really makes a big difference when you know someone else is also fasting with you, even if they aren’t living in the same house as you.

We fast every Monday and Thursday so that Tasneem can keep it as a Sunnah fast and I just keep it as Qaza. Also, the space between days gives us time to work up some energy before fasting the next one. Mum even joins in now and then. She says we inspire her. Who knew? A small sincere act can go quite a long way, and I didn’t even have to preach about it.

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