Meet The Characters

Please note that this page is still under construction and is prone to change as we go further and further into the story. 


Main character. Just moved to a new town in  the middle of the school year because of her dad’s work. Wants to make this a fresh start and fit in this time.

Brown hair and blonde streaks. Ring leader. Is Rich and isn’t afraid to show it by wearing fancy branded clothes, sparkles and contacts and loving it! Is the prettiest from all (according to Nusaybah). 

Tall, with long black hair and a little bit of a nose. Uses lots of foundation to appear to be lighter skinned. Always has to have the last say. Is Yumna’s echo.

Became a hijaabi after going through some issues being a part of the gang. Makes an attempt to be good, unlike the rest. A little reserved.

In matric and older than all the girls. Has a bit of an acne problem. Has many piercings and falls under more of the goth look.

Is Yasmeen’s cousin and is in grade 10. The youngest in the group and is more of a gossip. Looks just like Yasmeen but thinner and without the acne problem.

Aunty Fazila
Yumna’s Mum who is a master at lying and manipulating in order to get what she wants. Very protective over her children.

Yumna’s annoying little sister.

Yumna’s elder brother and Imraan’s friend. Room has organised chaos that he can only make sense of. You could say he is a little bit of a neat freak.

Imraan Khan
Nusaybah’s enemy/crush who is loaded and treated as family in Yumna’s house even though he isn’t. 

The little green-eyed 4-year-old girl who lives next door to Nusaybah. Was Nusaybah’s first friend after the move.

Nusaybah’s neighbour. Muskaan’s 18-year-old elder brother. Brown eyes, long spiked hair, clean-shaven, slim but broad-shouldered and a little taller than Nusaybah.

The buff gym guy of the boys group.

The “Fat lump” of the boys group, as Arif calls

The skinny tall guy with an acne problem.

The flirt who knows no boundries.

Guy Nusaybah just chats to over Mxit, usually just solving his girlfriend problems. Says he is from Pietersburg. Not very much known about him.

One of Nusaybah’s cats that her father gifted her with. Male, brown eyes, Black fur, 4 white paws, white tummy and nose with a black patch on neck, making him appear to be wearing a tux with white shoes and gloves if he stood up on his twos.

Nusaybah’s other cat. Male chubby tabby cat with green eyes and fur that is grey with black stripes. Has ‘M’ shaped stripe on his forehead.

Nusaybah’s stay-at-home Mum who is trying to start up a baking business from home.

Aunty Jane
Nusaybah’s family’s live-in domestic worker who decided to move with them to the new town after working for them for so many years already.

Nusaybah’s brother who is 2 years, 1 month and 16 days older than Nusaybah. Gone away to Darul-Uloom so not much is known about him at this point.

Luqmaan’s naughty roommate who comes from a township.



Mrs. Debeerow
Nusaybah’s grumpy english teacher who is a terror. According to rumors, she appears to be so addicted to her cool drink because she secretly adds alcohol to it.

Raees’s girlfriend that Nusaybah only knows over chat.

Tahir Hassim
Nusaybah’s young Muslim graphics teacher.

Muzaffar Zameer
Second cutest guy at school according to Nusaybah. He plays on the school’s soccer A team and is also in matric.

Known as ‘SUE’ and is the head of the plastics. Also in matric and has black her. Very ice-cream like.

Known as ‘ZAZA’ and is one of Sumaiya’s plastic side chicks. Also in Matric.

Known as ‘NISA’ and also one of Sumaiya’s plastic side chicks who also happens to be in matric.

Zahra, Mishkah, Muhammed
Grade 11’s Muslim crew.

Saeed, Huzaifah, Haroon
Grade 10’s Muslim crew.

Grade 9 Muslim crew.

Known as ‘SHUSHU’ and is loaded! Also in matric and is number 1 handsome boy according to Nusaybah.

Shy person and is light brown in complexion. Started school in grade 9 and now is in matric but cant leave to another school even if she wanted to. Becomes Nusaybah,s first friend at the new school.

Aunty Gori
The DSTV dish of the town who just LOVES gossip!

Aunty Gori’s Gossip feeder friend.

Nusaybah’s brother who finally makes his appearance in the story so that we can learn a little more about his character. he doesn’t hold grudges.

Luqmaan’s friend from Darul-Uloom who Nusaybah has some very embarrassing encounters with.