25#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 3]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun…. (Beloved Friend)

Excitement buzzed throughout the house. There was laughing, cheering, jest and jokes… It felt good knowing that joy and happiness would soon return to my uncle’s home. From amongst everyone, only maami and I knew that Aneesa was pregnant. It was a secret that we were prepared to take to our graves.

The morning passed without any hiccups. There were about 30 of our immediate relatives hanging around… Aneesa’s cousins from Joburg were fussing about their hair and how it refuses to set properly because of the humidity, blah blah blah… Some lyties were outside smoking hookah and thrilling each other about their cars. I was neither dressed nor stressed, lol…I didn’t even know what I was going to wear Sadeekun! Shucks, with all the drama unfolding, I didn’t have time to buy a decent kurta.
But, today isn’t about me Sadeekun. It isn’t about Maami and Mamoo nor is it about Abbu and Umi. Today is about Aneesa and Zuhayr. Tomorrow is about Asghar and Maimoonah… Jee Sadeekun, Asghar’s tying the knot tomorrow and I’m tying myself to a tree on Monday.

“Everyone I know is either getting married or having a baby. As for me, I’m simply getting more awesome.” The old Sayfullah would’ve repeated a gazillion times and rubbed it in Aneesa and Asghar’s faces… The new Sayfullah, however, knows that Nikaah is half of Imaan. (Running for samoosas soon! :P)

Anyway, I’m not feeling too good. I have this nagging feeling at the back of my mind that something is amiss. Aneesa and I really bonded these past few days… We clicked on a whole new level. I guess, I’m just sad to see her go. Feels like I’m losing Apa all over again…

Maami’s lounge was draped with bright yellow and lime green… happy colours. The sofas were stored in the garage and there were a few tables with silver centre pieces, laid…

“Simple, yet classy..” Umi beamed repeatedly. Yellow is Umi’s favourite colour, she loves it so much, I was born with damn jaundice.

The atmosphere was indescribable Sadeekun. The aroma of yummy biryani accompanied by the stench of gossip, filled the air… The Nikaah was scheduled to take place in the next hour. Maami was a frantic mess, “Where’s Aneesa??? Does that child not know that she has to get dressed! Ya Khuda, look at the time!” Umi assured Maami that the girls would get Aneesa dolled up and preened in a flash.

Ahmed was a lost cause, there was no point in trying to reason with him any further.

“She’s reading Zohr Salaah. We’ll wait for her to finish and then we’ll work our magic on her…” The shortest of Maami’s nieces chuckled. Overheard that her name was Humayra, eish, she looked like a sponge cake plastered with white icing. I have nothing against self-beautification Sadeekun, but this girl had lumpy foundation where natural noor should be! Umi saw me staring and gave me a solid nudge in the gut. “Must I ask her father for his phone number? I think she’d make a Masha-Allah daughter-in-law.” Yeah right! What are we gonna live on? Love and face powder?!

I decided to go and grab a kurta from the nearest designer shop. Just as I ran out to convince Abu to take me, something struck me as awfully strange. Humayra said that Aneesa was reading Zohr Salaah… but, it was already 4:00pm and Aneesa never ever reads her Salaah late! The moment that Azaan ends, she’s on her Musallah. So, I decided to walk back in casually and check on her myself.

As the time drew closer, tone-deaf daadimas were singing and yapping about their golden days… One granny with no teeth caught hold of my arm and urged a sing along…. “Mubarak mubarak yeh dulhaan ki shaadi… sadaa khush rahogi Dua hai hamaari…” Tse, I shrugged toothless ma off and bolted.

Vaguely, I could hear Benammi’s Wahidullah playing in one of the corner rooms…
“Even if a day shall come when dark clouds fill the sky..
And no hope can be found…
In the distant horizon,
The light in your eyes will bring me back to life.”
That was all I needed to hear Sadeekun, all I needed to know and all I panged to feel. I wanted to be loved too…

Maami, Apa, Umi and Nafeesa were dressing up together. Ali eventually paid off the loan shark…Zuhayr gave him the money without asking for anything in return. They are family, after all. I was grateful that Aneesa would soon be married to one of the best men I’ve come across. She truly deserved to be happy.

I eased into her room without knocking, the door was slightly open. For the last time, I let my eyes wander and take in the sight and scent of Aneesa. My beloved little sister.
Her room was a little dull in contrast to the rest of the house, so it took my eyes a while to adjust…
There was a red box half open with heavy gold jewelry on the bed, white shoes strewn across the plush pink carpet and a beautiful emerald dress with gold embellishments hanging from her cupboard. I couldn’t take my eyes of the dress.

I turned my attention to the opaque curtains…There was a cool breeze wafting gently… As the wind blew, I watched the sunlight whimsically dance around the gold trimmings of her dress… She was going to be a beautiful bride.

I cleared my throat, when I walked in I saw her frail figure in Sajdah. I was either really preoccupied, and didn’t notice her wake up and return to Sujood, or she didn’t move from her initial position at all.

I called out her name gently… “Aneesa.” There was no response.

After a few seconds, I called out louder, “Aneesa, enough now, you have the rest of your life to read extra Nafl Salaah. We’re getting late. You’re gonna miss your own Nikaah!”
Stubborn child, she still refused to move.

I stormed out and screamed for Maami. “Maami, please go and sort that daughter of yours out, she’s been reading Nafl Salaah from Zohr time! Make her stop.” Maami chuckled, put her hands on her hips and nodded. “I’ll sort her out, don’t you worry.” Everyone was dressed besides the bride, how embarrassing!

Maami strode into Aneesa’s room… I followed meekly, I didn’t want Aneesa to get a mouthful from Maami on her wedding day.

Maami walked in, mumbled about how much there was to do… Picked up Aneesa’s shoes and sat next to her on the carpet. She was still in Sajdah. “Anee, we all made Dua for you, enough now my bachi.” Maami turned to me and smiled, “Anee has this habit of making Dua. You’d think she’s in Sujood, when she’s actually just making Dua.”
She turned to Aneesa again, “Come now mah…” and softly rubbed her hand down Aneesa’s spine.

There was still no response. Maami’s face went white and for a split second…..I knew that all was lost. I held my chest and gasped.

“She’s not breathing Sayf. She’s not breathing!!!!” Maami howled at the top of her lungs. “My child isn’t breathing!!!! Ya Allah, my child, my child….my child. Aneesaaa!!!” Her voice drowned between sobs and sighs. Mamoo and Abu barged into the room and saw Maami lying flat on the ground next to Aneesa. “I can’t feel her breath…., she’s not breathing.” Maami hollered..

Mamoo and Abbu gently turned her over and frantically searched for a pulse. Maami shoved them aside and tried to administer mouth-to-mouth. Alas, it was too late.
Maami grabbed her lifeless body and sobbed….”No, no….take me, leave my child! Bring her back, please bring her back…Ya Allah, I beg you…bring my child back.”
إِنَّا لِلَّهِ وَ إِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُوْنَ

Aneesa was no longer a part of our world…..Her body was already stiff and cold which clearly indicated that she had passed away while praying her Zohr Salaah. I leaned against her wall.. Was it foul play? Was she sick? Did she hurt herself? There were so many unanswered questions. Why Aneesa? She was so young! She had so much to live for!

The doctor who certified her death insisted on a post-mortem. The results revealed that Aneesa passed away from a hemorrhage. There was no foul play and it most certainly was not suicide. He was a Muslim doctor and simply said that Allah Ta’ala wanted a rose for His garden, so He chose our Aneesa.

People were rushing about frantically, the tables in the lounge were moved out and thick blankets were laid… The singing and jovial smiles were replaced by mournful sighs and insipid tears. The sweet smell of love and joy, was soon overpowered by death and darkness.

Fancy outfits were stripped and women in plain black cloaks filled empty spaces on the floor. Lobaan filled the air, I didn’t look for Umi. Maami had locked herself up in her bedroom while Aneesa’s body was lifted for Ghusl.

Zikr echoed throughout the home… I placed a hand over my heart, grabbed a white kurta from my cupboard and ran into Asghar’s room. He was in the shower, I could hear him whimpering tenderly…

The hearse arrived…. I changed quickly and urged Asghar to hurry also.

She was laid in the middle of the lounge….her father and Asghar sat next to her head, while Umi, Maami and Nafeesa sat on the opposite end. I sat the furthest away…

Zuhayr dragged himself in, the men greeted and offered him condolences… He was a wreck, to say the least.

“Bury me with her. I was going to be her garment, I want to go with her!” He sobbed loudly and uncontrollably.

I buried my head in my hands and for a few seconds, closed my eyes…

They allowed family members to see her face, her Kafn crisp white against the tender blush of her skin. I stood, then knelt and read every Durood, Dua, Surah and Kalimah that came to mind. I kneeled closer, and read Ayatul Kursi near her ear….Protect her Oh my Allah, Protect her…I closed my eyes and continued reading…

With an exuberant force, a cold hand grabbed my collar.

I awoke gasping for air.

She was staring at me through enormous hazel eyes!!! I screamed out the Verses of Ayatul Kursi at the top of my voice.

“Sayfullah you lazy bugger, your snoring and mumbling in your sleep is annoying the hell out of me! I can hear you in my room! Tone it down!”

Huh!??! You’re alive?! ANEESA you’re alive!!!

“What do you mean, ‘you’re alive?’ ?, of course I’m alive! I’m not going to let that Ahmed get the better of me. I’m getting married in a few hours’ time and I seriously need to get some sleep… so could you PLEASE tone it down?? ”, Aneesa said in a very sleepy tone.

Boy was I ever glad to see her… My little bulldog sister. I sat up thinking about how strong this girl is… she just got kicked out of the life of someone she loved so dearly, but already she has managed to pull herself back together, went back to her old self and is embracing a new life.

Speaking of new lives… After all this drama, I need to get my life back on track. For now, I just have to remember to get a kurta first thing in the morning or else I’ll be attending the Nikkah in my boxers.


>>>I WonDeR WhAt’S SAyFUlLah’S pLAnS For His FutuRE… HmM… You’Ll HAvE To WaiT TiLl next SeaSoN of SayFUllAh’S DiArY To fInd ouT

NB: Anyone who is not Mahram for a Marhoom, is not allowed to see the deceased’s face once they have left this duniya.

Note: Sayfullah, should not have been allowed to see Aneesa’s face

Whether you hide your word or publish it. He certainly has full knowledge of the secrets of all hearts. He is the One that understands the finest mysteries and is well-acquainted with them. [Qur’an Surāt al-Mulk, 67:13-14]

Dua For Pious Children:

رَبِّ هَبْ لِي مِنْ لَدُنْكَ ذُرِّيَّةً طَيِّبَةً إِنَّكَ سَمِيعُ الدُّعَاءِ‬‬
رَبِّ لَا تَذَرْنِي فَرْدًا وَأَنْتَ خَيْرُ الْوَارِثِينَ

Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “None of you should wish for death because of a calamity befalling him; but if he has to wish for death, he should say: “O Allah! Keep me alive as long as life is better for me, and let me die if death is better for me.’ ”
[Sahih Al-Bukhari – Book 70 Hadith 575]

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24#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 3]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun…. (Beloved Friend)

“How sure are you that the child you are carrying is mine?”

Boy, was I ready to make curry kitchri out of him! Maami caught the back of my golfer in a mild attempt of restraint.
Aneesa simply stared at him and walked away. I could see that she was holding back a tsunami of tears.

Maami raised her timid voice,
“We’ll do a DNA test . It doesn’t cost much and if that’s the proof you need, consider it done. But, if you ever utter such words again, I will let Sayfullah maul you.”
She wasn’t kidding.
Sadeekun, he had the darn audacity to call us while he was with another girl!
When we walked in, they were smooching!!!!!

Naturally, I broke his jaw and literally wiped the smooch off his face.

“How could you brah, you of all people! I confided in you, and still you played dumb! She loved you! You read her blog, you know what a miserable life she’s had. How could I have ever thought of you as a friend!”

Ahmed tried mumbling through his broken jaw, all I managed to hear was, “lies, lies, lies”.

He’s not going to “man-up” Sadeekun and he’s not going to take responsibility for his actions. The duffer hits on every girl he comes across!

I looked at Maami’s face, her eyes were red too.
“Are you going to marry my child? Or must I bring Aneesa’s father and brother to knock some sense into you?”

He looked at the girl next to him…Smirked and told Maami that he wouldn’t marry Aneesa even if she was the last female on earth.

“Your daughter is a nag! She’s been nagging me to marry her since day one! Everything is haraam! Do you honestly think that I’d forfeit my bachelor status for someone like Aneesa?! She doesn’t know how to dress, let alone drape her scarf properly.”

He snickered,
“She’s no fun at all!”

His mother heard the commotion and rushed outside. She looked to and fro, in an attempt to understand why Asghar’s mother and cousin were out to get her son.
“My daughter is expecting your son’s child.” Maami stood next to Ahmed’s mother and sighed.
She looked at the other girl and pointed “But I thought Natalie was his girlfriend. He told me that she was going to accept Islam.”

I should’ve recorded that and replayed it for the aunty. How unflinchingly stupid could she be?!

“Natalie” called Ahmed aside and Shukr to my supersonic audio ability, I overheard their entire conversation.
(Okay, I was actually standing a few feet away from them. You got me Sadeekun.)

She also thought that we were lying and merely aimed to snatch her “boo” away. I don’t get why chicks fall for him, he isn’t all that grand Sadeekun.

“Keep him, by all means please keep him.” My puma’s were soiled with mud. I had been booting the ground subconsciously for the past half hour.

“Lark duh I will, boo bear is all mines and I luuuurv him. He don’t do such things like what yall are accusing.”

I couldn’t find a suitable comeback to that Sadeekun.

Maami asked me to check on Aneesa while Ahmed’s mum and her discussed matters further.

I walked back to the car in a huff. Why does life have to be so complicated Sadeekun? Islam is simple, why are people so full of delusional dilemmas?

What I did know for sure was that Ahmed and I would never see eye-to-eye again. He was a snake in bright green grass!

If Maami wasn’t here, I would’ve killed and buried him in this very same ground. I won’t let her marry him, even if he’s bludgeoned to his senses and agrees!

“Anee, you’re owkay mah?” I opened the passenger’s door and stood beside her. “Don’t stress, you still have Zuhayr. Ahmed is the worse type of playboy there is. He doesn’t learn from his lessons. A few weeks back he got glued to a chair! Then blondie, eish…If you were my child, I wouldn’t let you marry him. One mistake doesn’t beget a lifetime of torment Anee.”

She let out a small smile.
“Don’t punish yourself kiddo. You have faith in Allah Ta’ala’s Mercy. You tried to make amends. But, if Ahmed’s not willing to meet you half way, so be it.”

“My heart belongs to my Creator, whatever is meant to be, will happen.” She looked at me for a brief second and closed her eyes gently.
From the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of Maami speaking to Ahmed. Things seemed to be going well until she took him with a solid fiver.
Lol, five finger imprint for the rest of the week lytie. Ears are gonna be ringing for a lifetime!
She grunted and fumed towards the mazda.

She looked at us, shook her head and drove off.


>>> SoOoo, Ahmed’S The FAthEr. How manY Of The REAdErS hAvE HearD Of gIrlS fAllIng pReGnAnT bEfore nIkAah And the FAthER NoT WiLlInG to AccEpt tHe ChIld?

In most CAsEs, ThE fEmAle enDS Up CoMmiTtinG Suicide Or HAvinG An AboRtIoN, bOth Of Which Are hArAam In ISlAm.

Is not He (better than your gods) Who responds to the distressed one, when he calls on Him, and Who removes the evil, and makes you inheritors of the earth, generations after generations? Is there any ilah (god) with Allah? Little is that you remember! [ سورة النمل , An-Naml, Chapter #27, Verse #62]
And if Allah touches you with harm, there is none who can remove it but He, and if He intends any good for you, there is none who can repel His Favour which He causes it to reach whomsoever of His slaves He wills. And He is the Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful. [سورة يونس , Yunus, Chapter #10, Verse #107]

And when harm touches men, they cry sincerely only to their Lord (Allah), turning to Him in repentance; but when He gives them a taste of His Mercy, behold, a party of them associates partners in worship with their Lord.
[ سورة الروم , Ar-Room, Chapter #30, Verse #33]

Aborting a foetus has been declared unlawful (Haram) with the consensus of all the Muslim scholars. It is similar to burying an infant alive as referred to by Allah Almighty in the verse of the Qur’an: “And when the female infant, buried alive, will be asked as to what crime she was killed for” (Surah al-Takwir, 8) (Fatawa Ibn Tamiyya, 4/217).

“Whoever kills himself with an iron weapon, he will be tortured in hell with the same weapon”. (Bukhari)

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23#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 3]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

We were on route to her beloved’s burial grounds.
Eish, I mean house. We were on route to “Majnu’s” homestead.

I didn’t ask a lot of questions, Sydenham wasn’t exactly the crowning glory of Durban. But, the earth doesn’t rotate on gold crowns. It rotates on an axis, and as long as that axis, (metaphorically, man of the house) is solid, all is well.

And I have decent friends who grew up and still live in these very parts. What I’m trying to say is…we were ready to overlook lineage, wealth and employment, provided that the boy her heart had chosen, was stable. He needed to take account of his actions and ensure that his unborn child and Aneesa were a priority.

“Please turn left here…” Aneesa muttered in a low, shaky voice.

Maami’s mazda coughed up dirty fumes as it crawled up a steep road. Maybe it was just in the wrong gear.

“We’re almost there, please take another left at the Stop street Ma..”

The route looked awfully familiar. I held my breath and prayed that the next turn would be in the opposite direction.

I don’t have my license yet. Remember Sadeekun?
Maami was making Wudhu in the en-suite bathroom earlier today. Jee, she overheard the entire conversation.

Allah Ta’ala truly works in miraculous ways. I would’ve never guessed that Maami had a subtle side.


“Aneesa,” she said, with her hands outstretched.

(This is the part! Towels, toothbrushes and dirty clothes were supposed to get flung!)

Maami was in the ultimate kung-fu pose. Aneesa, “hayaaa, watchaaa, you ungrateful, indecent child. I will karate chop you and grind your bones to dust!”
Atleast, that’s the reaction that I was expecting.

Instead, she whispered beneath her voice,
“My child, do not cry and do not be afraid. Wipe your tears and hush your sighs. I haven’t been a good mother to you, haven’t helped at all. My dear, I never saw the need to catch you, even when you did fall. I heard your tender whimpers and saw your swollen eyes. Never did it occur to me that you craved love too, for all I did was bar my heart against an outsider like you…”
Maami was known for having a silver tongue. I truly expected her to flip and smack the daylights out of Aneesa. I was in awe.

“Aneesa, I cursed the blood of your mother that runs through your veins. I made it known, day and night; night and day, that you were not wanted. Yet, you still served me with a smile. Falling pregnant isn’t your fault alone, I’m equally to blame. A child looks for love in other places when her home is bereft of it.”

Maami then turned to me and hung her head, “Sayfullah, you bear witness to my words. Aneesa will marry whoever her heart desires. She will not be wed to save her sister’s marriage and she will not be wed to save herself from shame. If she marries, it will be her choice. And, if she decides to raise her child as a single mother, that too will be her decision to make.”

Before I could respond with a fatwa, Aneesa chirped in.

“He just sms’d me, wants me to come to his house now! I think he made a decision Ma. And I need to do what’s right! I’d rather be miserable in this world and happy in the Hereafter! My child will not be illegitimate.”

There was hugging, howling, more hugging and a flood of snot and tears. Eish, females.

*Flashback over.

This wasn’t exactly a tour de-Sydenham for any of us. Aneesa was worried about her beloved’s response. Maami supported her like never before. Yet, I could still see pangs of concern on her wrinkled forehead. Agh, I’m glad that Maami finally realized that Aneesa needs her. Heck, I’m a grown man and I’m not ashamed to admit that I need my mother!

For now, I want my conscience to be clear.
“There will be no smashing, swearing or breaking.” Maami’s orders. I’m not allowed to castrate the ou if he decides to run away from his responsibilities like a mangled rooster.
On the other hand, it’s good to know that people like Zuhayr still exist. He hasn’t lost respect for Aneesa and he’s willing to accept her as she is, if her “Majnu” refuses. And Aneesa now knows who her birth mother is, it didn’t really seem to bother her. Maami was the only maternal figure who she loved, revered and respected.

Madam Anee finally broke the silence,
“Okay, the purple house. That’s where he lives.”

Say what???!!!!!


>>>ThInGS ArE GeTtiNg A BiT HeCtIC… wHo WouLd’ve ThOuGht THAt mAaMi WouLd ReAcT tHAT Way!

Beloved Prophet (SallAllahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) has said: “Best among you are those who behave well with their women.”

The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi WaSallam) has stated, “Marriage is the basis for blessings and children are an abundance of mercy.”

It has been narrated by Amr Ibn Akhwas (RadiAllahu Anhu) : He relates that it was commanded by the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam), “Be kind towards your women. Take heed! You have rights over your women and your women also have rights over you. Their rights over you are that you provide food and clothing for them in good faith. Your rights over them are that they do not allow and nor do they give permission, for people to trespass into your house whose presence you dislike.”

until ThE NeXt EPiSode oF SayFuLlAh’S dIArY<<<

22#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 3]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun…. (Beloved Friend)

“You, I need answers, now! I overheard that you’re preggerz!!! And I know that you spoke to Zuhayr privately and I met him and he genuinely seems like a good guy and I want to know, right now Aneesa, tell me right now who the father is!!!!”
Sorry Sadeekun, that was a mouthful.

“Relax, just breathe Sayfu. I’ll tell you, let me read my Asr Salaah first.”

I stayed at the wedding house last night, figured that I should lend a helping hand and just let everything slide. What happens here isn’t my problem, right Sadeekun?


I was brought up knowing that acknowledging a sin without helping rectify it, is just as bad as doing it yourself! How can people live with themselves knowing that they’ve never helped “right” a “wrong”.
Abu says, “Condemn the sin, and pray for the sinner.”
(Abu and his words of wisdom, eish.)

I left Aneesa’s room and went to read my Asr Salaah also. I was just about to raise my hands in Dua when I heard a gentle knock on the room door.

“I’m weak Sayf, the filth of the earth. I didn’t intend on committing zina…never thought that I possessed the evil to commit such a grave sin. But, it happened. I don’t know how or why…but, I gave in. He said that being intimate would bring us closer together and then he’d definitely ask for my hand in marriage. Said that it was the only way that we could keep Zuhayr at bay.” Hot tears streamed down her flustered cheeks.

“I was at the club that night to tell him that I was expecting his child. My parents were talking about Zuhayr’s family coming home for a proposal that very same weekend. I tried phoning him, but he didn’t answer my calls. What else was I supposed to do Sayf?”

I gasped, her gaze was fixated upon the ground. Before I could retaliate, she cut me off and continued. Eyh.

“I could’ve ended everything, there are so many painless ways to die Sayf. There are so many miles to run, but here I am. Trying to mend my Imaan, pleading for a second chance. I’ve been begging at The King’s door, and through His Soothing Mercy….I’ve found my way again. Here I am, condemned and tainted, yet peaceful.”

“Who is he Aneesa? The only way to sort this out is to make Nikaah to him, I think there’s a three month window period. Nikaah within the first three months ensures that the child is legitimate. You have to marry the father Aneesa. There’s no other way of redemption.”

Why are girls so naïve Sadeekun? They wholeheartedly believe the jargon that comes out from just about any guy’s mouth.

“Aneesa, I put my entire life on hold in an attempt to prove you innocent. I was even prepared to put forward a proposal so that you didn’t have to spend eternity with a stranger! Now I’m not sure whether you’re good, bad or simply stupid!”
(Bachelor for life! Whew!)

She smiled, “Your intentions were always pure, and I’m sure they still are. But, I’m glad that you didn’t put through a proposal out of pity. This is my mess and I’m dealing with it. The father knows about this child and Zuhayr also knows the truth. We’re waiting for the father to make his decision. He can either man-up and marry me, or let someone else raise his flesh and blood. I’m not sure which part of the scale I fall on Sayf, but I’m just about balancing.”

My brain judged her, she was a loose girl who slept around before she was wed. That’s all that she’d ever be to the scornful whispers of the world. My heart, however, believed that she would soon be redeemed.

“Show me where he lives. At least let me knock some sense into the rotter_-agh, I mean person who shares my nephew or niece’s dna.
And you need to tell your parents asap, Aneesa.”

Just then, a subtle sneeze echoed from the en-suite bathroom.


>>>ReAlIty cHeCK – TeEnAgE PrEgnanCiEs Are ExTrEmElY CoMmOn. ThE only WaY tHat We cAn SAvE oUrSelVeS IS if We hold On firmly to ThE RoPe Of The AlMiGhTy Allh. If You hAvE SlippeD, Or FeEl tHAt You’rE SliPpIng AwAy, SpeAk To An AalIm Or AalImAh. Or Share YouR WoRrIeS AnnOnyMouSlY HeRe oR SEnD An EmAil To info@ciiyouth.com … We’Ll bE GlAd to hElp :)

Q- Mufti Saheb, my question is about children conceived out of wedlock. What is the ruling on this if one wants to correct it? I read that if the parents get married in the first 3 months of pregnancy then the child will be legitimate. Please explain.

A- The actual rule is that if a baby is born 6 months or more from the date of nikkah then such a child is legitimate because the Qur’an and Hadith says that the minimum period of pregnancy is 6 months. That means that such a baby could have been conceived the day they got married, after having intercourse. (i.e. the child could have been conceived the correct way, after marriage, but born pre-mature) BUT if the child is born less than 6 months from the nikkah then surely that child was conceived before they got married, hence illegitimate. IF the girl is pregnant before marriage then the couple gets married and 6 months (or more) later the child is born, we say the child is legit on this technicality. But between them and Allah we don’t know. We try to save the name of the child in this dunya (world). Allah knows best.

The Almighty says, “No one despairs of solace from Allah except for those who are unbelievers.” [Qur’an 12:87]

The Almighty says, “Your Lord is swift in retribution, and He is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” [Qur’an 7:167]

Abu Hurayra (Radi Allahu Anhu) reported that the Messenger of Allah, May Allah Bless Him And Grant Him Peace, said, “If the believers knew the punishment which Allah has, none of them would have any hope of attaining His Garden. If the unbelievers knew the mercy which Allah has, none of them would despair of reaching His Garden.” [Muslim]

The Holy Prophet (SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM) once visited a young Sahabi, who was breathing his last, and asked him how he was feeling. He replied, “O! Messenger of Allah (SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM), I am hopeful of the mercy of Allah, and yet I am afraid of my sins.” Thereupon the Holy Prophet (SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM) said “When the heart of a believer is filled with these two feelings of hope and fear, Almighty Allah fulfils his hope and saves him from what he is afraid of.”

Ibn Mas’ud (Radi Allahu Anhu) reported that the Messenger of Allah, May Allah Bless Him And Grant Him Peace, said, “The Garden is nearer to you than your own sandal strap and it is the same with the Fire.” [al-Bukhari]

May Allah TA’alA Help uS To ErasE All The HArAaM RelatioNShIpS iN OUR LiveS anD ReplAcE THEm WiTh pUrE, HAlAal, BeAuTiFuL And bENEficEnT bonDs… AmEen ♥

UnTIl ThE NExT EpISode of sayFuLlAh’s DiarY<<<


21#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 3]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun…. (Beloved Friend)

“This isn’t the way to your pozi brah! There’s shacks everywhere!” As we drove deeper into the darkness, my knees quivered.
We were nowhere near Central Durban, it didn’t even look like Durban!

“We’re going to Umlazi. Zuhayr was delivering hampers and realized that he ran out of supplies. The need for proper groceries was greater than he had anticipated. Sooo, my dear brother, you and I are his back-up team. There’s more hampers in the boot and we’ve been summoned to help deliver and distribute them.”

“Great, just great! The ou isn’t even family yet, and he’s already bossing us around!” I was soooo annoyed Sadeekun. Asghar’s little humanity saving detour threw me completely off track!

I checked my phone frantically, haha…Just as expected. No darn network! How were we supposed to call for help if we were hijacked?!

“What’s wrong with you lytie? We’re going for a good cause. Allah Ta’ala will be pleased with us. So, quit groaning like an old geyser.”

“Asghar,I did my duty. I donated some of my allowance just last week to an organization. They deal with stuff like this. Finish and klaar. For what must we get our hands dirty?!”

“Stop talking, just stop talking! We’re here already. Say Bismillah and help me unload the hampers.”

What pissed me off even further, was the fact that Asghar was happy to be here. He willingly surrendered himself to being one of Zuhayr’s puppets. Money can buy anyone’s soul Sadeekun.

It was a hot, dark and miserable Summer night. There were owls hooting and snakes hissing. In the middle of nowhere, Zuhayr stood with three other gentlemen around a small bonfire. The entire area was sheathed by mist. I managed to see fragments of Zuhayr’s face. Dammit.

He was beautiful. I have never called a man beautiful Sadeekun, but this being was something else. Kindness, compassion, humility, it was as if his heart reflected in the light of his appearance. Women were dancing, children were running around, men were helping unload… Never have I seen so many people benefit from one man’s actions.

“Ah Asghar, Assalamu Alaikum my brothers.” He walked towards the car with a tired smile.
A little girl followed him and yelled at the top of her lungs. “More food! They brought more food for us! Come, come, quickly papa!”

Zuhayr and I handed out the parcels, Asghar was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t know what to say to Zuhayr, did he know that Aneesa was pregnant?

“Eh, you do this often?” I asked, in an attempt to figure the guy out.

“Jee, but, not as often as I’d like. Most of the men here are my employees. I’m aware of their financial situations, so by The Grace Of The Almighty, i try to assist whenever i can.”

I have never come across another guy as soft spoken and humble as this dude! Here he was, absolutely drained after a long day… Yet, still so patient. He had Noor! The man had Noor, not abs nor a 6-pack, but pure, unbelievable Noor!
I was sold Sadeekun.

I was shocked to see Muslim families living in such informal settlements. There was only one communal tap, toilets were outside, did I mention that there’s also no electricity? An old khala thanked us profusely and said that she could now attend Madressah classes because of the Islamic literacy campaign Zuhayr initiated. The guy simply put his head down and smiled!

We were done by 11pm, I was exhausted and ready to dive into my king size bed.

Asghar casually strolled towards us with a girl in hand. She looked like a bruin cherrie, but had a scarf on.

“Where on earth were you? Gave a lekker lecture in the car and then disappeared the moment that there was work to do!” I was more amused than angry Sadeekun.

Zuhayr chuckled, “Alhamdulillah, you’re back. JazakAllah-Hu-Khairan for all the help guys. Truly appreciated.”

Asghar simply nodded,
“This is Maimoonah, she lives here. We’re making Nikaah tomorrow.”


>>> LoOkS Like SAyFUllAH IS FiNAlLy WarmiNg up tO ZuHAyR :)

“Whoever performs a good act will receive ten times as much.” [ QUR’AN 6:160]

“The parable of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is that of a grain of corn: it grows seven ears, and each ear has a hundred grains. Allah gives manifold increase to whom He pleases; Allah cares for all and knows all things” [QUR’AN 2:261]

“You will never attain piety until you spend out of that which you love. And whatever good you spend, Allah knows it well.” [QUR’AN 3:92]

May we all spend solely for the Pleasure of The Almighty and May He, Through His Infinite Mercy, Accept our humble efforts…Ameen.

UnTIl ThE NExT EpIsode oF SayFuLlAh’S dIarY<<<

20#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 3]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun…. (Beloved Friend)

I rummaged through the blog for the last time. Aneesa’s last entry was about “skipping” a cycle, buying a pregnancy test and expressing how ashamed yet, glad she was after urinating on it. Yuck.

I browsed through briefly, caught glimpses of how her friends encouraged her to simply abort the foetus. That according to her so called “friends” who come from good homes, was the best option for both her and the father. From what I gather, he seems like a real piece of work. Agh, let me just share a snippet of the last blog entry with you Sadeekun.

Final Entry:

“I’m afraid… do I burden my beloved with another worry? He has so much on his plate already. Exams, college commitments and his mum’s a single parent. If news spreads that I’m expecting his child, people will point fingers at his innocent mother and say that she didn’t do a good job raising him.
I don’t want any more complications. Maybe I should just abort this child, not tell the father about it and simply agree to settle down with Zuhayr..?
It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Everyone, besides me.

How can I rip a piece of my heart out and expect to be whole again?? Scratch out everything that I just said. That was sheer weakness and self-pity typing. I’m going to tell him tonight! Heard that he’s going to a rocking party at some club (blocked eyes, I despise clubs and parties) , this is the only chance that I’ll have to speak to him alone. Maybe hearing that he’s going to be a father will change him for the better. Make him quit partying and straighten up a little. Hopefully, it will bring out all the good that I see hidden in him.
Wish me luck. Tonight it’s make or break. He can either accept me in Nikaah or break off our relationship completely, I don’t care. All I need to do is prepare myself for a little life that deserves to live.”

So he’s a hardcore clubber too. Eish, Umi used to always drill Apa about the importance of choosing a good spouse, “Don’t marry a man unless you’ll be proud to have a son exactly like him.”

Maami clearly didn’t drill enough sense into Aneesa. And I’m an idiot to be reading a silly blog when the author is in the same city as me!

Abu and Umi stayed at the wedding house. “So much to do, so little time… She doesn’t even have a dress yet, hasn’t chosen a ring, didn’t buy this, doesn’t have enough of that, blah, blah, blah.” Between Maami and Umi, I’m sure that Abu was losing his mind. One moment they were in Sparks Road looking for scarves, the next in Victoria Street, minutes later they were off to the Bluff in search of a wedding planner, then back to Overport because they decided to just have a simple Nikaah, and not a grand wedding. Shukr, Abu’s a patient man when it comes to Umi.

Mamoo went to work, claimed that all his leave was exhausted. I doubt that’s true though…he seems a little uneasy. Maybe he can sense Aneesa’s unhappiness even though she constantly has a fake smile plastered across her flawless face.

I phoned Asghar and asked him to fetch me.
“How can everyone be so thrilled about this, when the prospective bride and groom haven’t even met yet bro?” I asked Asghar with somewhat of a heavy heart.

“Huh? You living in the dark ages cuz! They met last night…. Aneesa insisted on speaking to Zuhayr privately. Surprisingly, my parents were cool with it.”

“And….? Does she approve???” I pushed for an answer. “Does she Asghar?”

“Let’s just say that they both came out of her room smiling and blushing and urgh, it was beyond cheesy.
He adjusted his seatbelt and let out a slight smile…

“I knew she’d like him. The ou is good looking. Green eyes and all. They make a really nice match.”


>>> Are mAtCheS MadE purely On LooKs? WhAt ErIstICs WouLD You lOok FoR In YouR FutuRe SpoUSE? AnD IF You’Re AlReadY MarriEd, ThEn WhAt ChAracTeristICS DiD You SeE In YouR SpoUsE FoR You To WanT To MarRy Him/HeR?

Abu Hurairah (May Allah Be Pleased With Him) reported: The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said: “A woman is married for four things: for her wealth, for her lineage, for her beauty or for her piety. Select the pious, may you be blessed!”. (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

A man came to Hasan bin Ali (RadiAllahu Anhu) and said, “I have a daughter and many people have proposed for her, so to whom should I marry her?”
He said, “Marry her to the one who fears Allah, for if he loves her, he will honour her; and if he hates her, he will not wrong her.”

May we all be Blessed with spouses who make our Imaan rise. Ameen

UnTIl thE NExT EpISoDe Of SayFuLlAh’S dIarY<<<

19#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 3]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun…. (Beloved Friend)

As I walked in… a frail figure appeared bent over on the Musallah in maami’s room.

“Ya Allah, forgive me for all the wrong that I’ve done, for all the hurt that I’ve caused, for all the pain that I’ve inflicted on my family. Never again, never again will I put my own desire ahead of Your commands. Never will I allow myself to be fooled by haraam love again. Save me Ya Rabb, save the innocent soul within me from the mockery and condemnation of society. I am merely a mortal Ya Rabb-e-Kareem, my mind is swayed by illicit thoughts. I allowed zina to enter my life. To corrupt my thoughts. I was weak oh my Allah…I was weak.

I sacrificed my Imaan for a waning pleasure. I lost myself, but You found me. Being sent to Azaadville was the best thing that could’ve happened to a sinner like me. Each day I grew closer and closer to you. Through each heartfelt Durood, I grew nearer to your Beloved Rasool (Salalaahu ‘Alaihi Wa-Sallam). Through each story revised on the Sahaabah (RadiAllahu Anhum) and Awliya-e-Kiraam (Rahmatullahi Alayh), I felt my soul attached to theirs. These past few months have been amazing… I never knew what true peace and enlightenment meant, until I found You. The past is long behind, but a morsel of innocent flesh still grows within.”

I cleared my throat audibly and she spiraled instantly.

“Sayfu!!!” She jumped up and threw her fragile arms around me. I could smell the lingering scent of musk on her burqah.

“Anee…how you doing little bugger? When did you get back home?” I managed to mask my concern and apparent disgust.

You can’t blame me for being appalled and disappointed Sadeekun.
Never in a million light years would I have expected Aneesa to stoop so low and commit such a shameless act. She probably deserved all of those curses after all. Who would want to marry her now? She was “damaged goods” in stud terminology. I sincerely hope that she knows who the father is. None of the women in our family produced illegitimate children. They were all groomed with Haya and Taqwa. All this proves is the fact that Aneesa never belonged in our family in the first place!

*deep breath*
Am I being too harsh Sadeekun?

“Um…for how long were you standing by the door Sayfii?” She asked with a tender smile. You know, the smile where her dimples dazzle a little. It’s a tease, really. Makes the person she’s smiling at want to do the “hokey-pokey” just so that a full-blown smile or even a giggle erupts. Watching Aneesa smile is a treat on its own.

“Long enough Aneesa, long enough.”
I folded my arms and stared at her blankly.
“I was looking for your mother actually, but I’m suddenly plagued with the urge to break something or run a hundred laps around a soccer field. I’ll speak to you later.”

She looked down, hesitated for a brief second and then whispered…”I’d like my laptop back if you’re done with it. There’s a lot that I need to delete before my Nikaah.”

In the background, I could hear Ahmed and Asghar dancing to an old bollywood item number. Mamoo cheered and Maami’s nonchalant laughter echoed throughout the house.

“Who’s the daddy Aneesa? Didn’t hear of an invention called protection?” I demanded an answer. My tone was crude and I really gave a damn about whether my words stung or not.

Just then Nafisa barged in, “Whose father Sayfullah? Your Abu and Umi just arrived!”

She grabbed Aneesa’s hand and led her into the lounge. I stayed behind for a while.


>>> Do NoT judge A PerSon SimPlY BecausE ThEY Sin DifferEnTlY ThAn yOu. AnEeSA HigHlIghtEd The FAcT tHAt we’Re All HumAn And that No mAttEr HoW DeEp We fAlL iNtO Sin. It Is ONlY Allah TA’ala’s MerCY tHAt SAvEs US fRom dRoWnInG.

NB: In Islam, it is not permissible to hug non-mahrams. Any man with whom a woman has a relationship (of blood or fosterage) that precludes marriage, is considered a Mahram.

Allah (SWT) mentioned them in the Holy Qur’an: “And marry not women whom your fathers married, except what has already passed; indeed it was shameful and most hateful, and an evil way. Forbidden to you (for marriage) are: your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, your father’s sisters, your mother’s sisters, your brother’s daughters, your sister’s daughters, your foster mother who gave you suck, your foster milk suckling sisters, your wives’ mothers, your step-daughters under your guardianship, born of your wives to whom you have go in – but there is no sin on you if you have not gone in them (to marry their daughters), – the wives of your sons who (spring) from your own loins, and two sisters in wedlock at the same time, except for what has already passed; verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (An-Nisa 4:22-23)

All the man’s female relatives mentioned in these two verses are considered his Maharim, because it is unlawful (haram) for him to marry them, except the wife’s sister mentioned last, who is not a Mahram because he can marry her if he divorces her sister, or if she dies. Reciprocally, if a woman is a Mahram to a man, such as her brother, her father, her uncle, etc. then he is a Mahram to her. All other relatives are considered non-Maharim and they fall under the category of strangers to her, except one’s wife or husband who is also called Mahram.

It was narrated that Ma’qil ibn Yassaar said: the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “For one of you to be stabbed in the head with an iron needle is better for him than that he should touch a woman who is not permissible for him.” [Narrated by al-Tabaraani in al-Kabeer, 486. Shaykh al-Albaani said in Saheeh al-Jaami’, 5045, that this hadeeth is saheeh.]

“Do not despair of God’s mercy; He will forgive you of all your sins”.Qur’an (39:53).

In another verse, Allah Ta’ala Says:
“And He wishes to forgive you” Qur’an (4:146).

Allah Ta’ala Says in the Qur’an:
“Except those who repent, have faith and good deeds, those Allah will charge their sins for good deeds. Certainly Allah is most forgiving and merciful.” (Qur’an 25:70)

Allah Ta’ala Says in the Qur’an:
“Those (are the true believers) who, when they commit an evil deed, or wrong their souls, remember Allah, and seek forgiveness for their sins – and who but Allah forgives sins? They do not insist upon the sins they have committed, and they know (that Allah is forgiving).”
(Qur’an 3:135)


UnTiL ThE nEXt EpIsoDe of SayFUlLAh’S dIaRy<<<

18#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 3]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun…. (Beloved Friend)

“Does she know? Does she know that she’s being sacrificed as a means of vengeance? You think she knows?”
I was sitting in a coffee shop with Ahmed. We made our peace and he seemed just as interested in Aneesa’s lineage as I was.

“Nah bra…she would’ve told mm – someone if she was. And everyone knows Asghar, so that someone would’ve told Asghar and he would’ve told me and then I would’ve told you.”
When I finally managed to make sense of what he was saying, it made no sense at all Sadeekun.

“Eyh (*bangs Ahmed’s head incessantly on table*) so you’re assuming that Asghar doesn’t know either?”

“Nopezy dopezy. Asghar is as unaware as my daadi’s flatulence scares. She doesn’t know when it’s gonna drop and he doesn’t know from where Aneesa popped.”
He took a long sip of his murky soda concoction. The nonsense this boy orders is beyond fascinating. Today’s murky “crapcoction” is a mixture of lime milkshake and soda water. The fumes were enough to leave my stomach in knots.

“Speak of the devil!”, Ahmed exclaimed wide-eyed.
Asghar walked in casually. The moment he enters a room, people (especially females) tend to simply stop whatever they’re engrossed in and stare. Asghar has that natural biker boy look… The kind that’s dangerous and alluring. What annoys me the most is the fact that Aneesa and Asghar have a dimple in the exact same spot. He’s like a replica of Aneesa… whenever he smiles, I see fragments of her.
And, they both have personal vendettas against air freshener as well. I’ve been to the loo after them. I should know Sadeekun.

Eyh, why can’t I get this girl out of my mind Sadeekun?! I admire her eloquence and maybe, just maybe…I too, am falling for the sweetness of her soul.
Sayfullah, ‘the falling softie.’ Somedays I feel like I’ve been bitten by the estrogen bug.

“I have some good news my lovies…”, Asghar beamed.

“Get your best kurta out Sayf, and ehrm…find something decent to cover your birthday suit, Ahmed. There’s a wedding at my pozi this weekend!”

“Awwweh!!! Congratulations brah! You found a cherry and you didn’t tell us! Now you wanna get buckled and act away! Watkyn, don’t expect me to be your best man. It’s just too short notice.”, Ahmed exclaimed.

Occasionally, I picture Ahmed falling from a paw-paw tree, landing in his mother’s lap and much, much later being registered as a human. With plastic surgery, anything’s possible. Even monkeys could be reconstructed to resemble humans.
Or maybe a stalk dropped him, really hard on his head, at his mother’s doorstep.

“My darling Ahmed, I’m in too good a mood to retaliate. Just make sure that you’re at the Masjid near my pozi around Maghrib time.” Asghar pinched Ahmed’s cheeks, blurted a silly “muuwaah” and left.

“Asghar’s not getting married you psychotic psycho. A man would never be that amped if he was at the verge of being sentenced to one woman for life!”
I took a long sip of the crapcoction.

“Grab your handbag Ahmed, you and I are going to have a serious chat with Maami.”

“Yes Sir. Are we bbm’ing, facebook’ing or whatsapp’ing her? I need to know which chat app to open up on my phone. You’re so vague Sayf, you say “chat” and I must magically know which app! Plus, I don’t even have Aunty Zakia’s bbm pin. She’s Asghar’s mother after all.”

I dragged him there Sadeekun…


>>> WhOse NiKAAh? AnY GuESsEs?

“And when the foolish address them (with bad words) they reply back with ‘Salamaa’ (peaceful words of gentleness).” (Qur’an, 25:63)

“And be moderate in your pace and lower your voice; indeed, the most disagreeable of sounds is the voice of donkeys… But of the people is he who disputes about Allah without knowledge or guidance or an enlightening Book.” (Qur’an, 31:19-20)

“There are no people who went astray after having been guided except for indulging in disputation.” (al-Tirmidhi)

“Do not dispute with your brother, ridicule him, nor promise him and then break your promise.” (al-Tirmidhi)

UnTIl the next EPiSoDe Of SayFUlLAh’S DiArY<<<

17#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 3]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun…. (Beloved Friend)

“Umi! Aneesa’s adopted?”, Curiosity got the better of me so I decided to give the family log book a call. (Sigh, my mother)

Aneesa’s Blog:

“Can’t I set sail on a star…
traverse to Heaven afar
Enrich my soul with bright sunny thoughts,
Pain deserves attention naught
If the sky were my canvass & ocean ink…
Transcending mirages of you I would think”

I was in a state of awe, she writes poetry too Sadeekun.
I learnt how to multi-task recently, that’s how I managed to get the gory details from Umi and rummage through “Neesa’s” blog, simultaneously. Told you I was talented Sadeekun.

Umi : “What on earth Sayfullah! Are you possessed? Dii__dd you encounter a Jinn? Aneesa’s my niece! Both b_lllood and flll_esh.”

Me : Whose child is she Umi? You’re stammering, which means that you’re lying through your teeth! Shame on you Umi! How can you lie to your own son!

Umi : I have pizzas in the washing machine and they’re getting burnt, you know how angry Abbu gets when the crust gets too hard! I’ll phone you later.

And she cut the call. Typical Umi, “pizzas in the washing machine”….talks gibberish when she’s trying to mask the truth.

Futile attempt, nevertheless I put on my togs and jogged to Nafisa’s flat. Seeing how she was coping after the kidnapping incident was a good excuse to dig up some dirty answers.
Luckily, their apartment was only a few streets away from the dorm.
She was happy to see me Sadeekun… I was a bit startled when she leapt across the coffee table and hugged me. Guess she was just glad to see a familiar face in the comfort of her own home.

Her arms were blue and she had a deep slit across her neck. She’d clearly been through hell (and back).

“Nafisa, I need to know something…it might disturb you a little, but I really need an honest answer.”

“Sure Sayf, shoot….” She giggled, “After what I’ve been through, pretty much nothing disturbs me anymore.”

“I don’t know how to ask, but here goes…”
I inhaled deeply, took a long sip of orange juice and exhaled…
“Is Aneesa adopted? How is she related to you?”

Nafisa’s face changed colour…
“She’s my father’s daughter. That’s all she ever was and that’s all she’ll ever be.”

She tapped her feet uneasily, “My father married her mother secretly, no one knew. I doubt her mum even knew about us or that my dad was already married with two kids. But, Aneesa was conceived a year after their Nikaah and her mum passed away while giving birth to her. Since there were no other relatives who were prepared to look after my father’s “love child”, he brought her home and begged my mother to accept her and forgive him.”

I’m a guy, I show no emotion Sadeekun….


>>> KeeP ReAdinG!

Allah Says in the Holy Quran Chapter 4 Surah Nisaa verse 3:

“If ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans marry women of your choice two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them) then only one or (a captive) that your right hands possess. That will be more suitable to prevent you from doing injustice.”

Sunan of Abu-Dawood Hadith 2128 Narrated by Abu Hurayrah (RadiAllahu Anhu) :
“The Prophet (Salalaahu ‘Alaihi Wa-Sallam) said: ‘When a man has two wives and he is inclined to one of them, he will come on the Day of resurrection with a side hanging down.”

UnTIl thE NExT EpiSoDe oF SAyFUlLAh’S DiARY<<<

16#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 3]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun…. (Beloved Friend)

“10111, how may we be of assistance?”
I got through! Shoh, that was quick…I dialed and within seconds there was an immediate response. “I’m calling regarding a kidnapping…”, I held my breath and waited.
“No, she hasn’t been missing for the past twenty-four hours, she was abducted!!! You know like carried away, stolen! They took her and hambaa’d.”, I blurted out.
My voice was loud and hoarse. I had to explain one simple statement, ten times over! (Serves me right for always bunking zulu classes)
“Naf__ “, just as I was about to convey her name and details, Maami grabbed the phone from my hand and flung it aside.

“And what exactly do you think you’re doing? Meddling in someone else’s affairs, you’re just like that mother of yours. You’ll thrive in poking you’lls overgrown noses where it doesn’t belong.”I could’ve sworn that there was steam coming out of her ears Sadeekun.

I touched my nose subconsciously, Apa used to say that my nose was cute… she used to scrunch her face to imitate me…”my lil jerry mouse.”

I picked my phone up without meeting Maami’s gaze and apologized.
“Maaf Maami, I was only trying to help…” Hah, that apology was far from sincere Sadeekun.

Took a bus to the university residence, eish…I couldn’t help, but feel swak. I could’ve given her a mouthful had that very same Umi (who apparently pokes her nose where it doesn’t belong) not taught me how to respect elders. Shukar, I managed to restrain myself. Otherwise, she’d be in need of 3rd degree treatment, had the wrath of Sayfullah been unleashed upon her inhumane soul.

I had a cool shower, switched my cell on…and gave my parents a call.

“As-Salaamu Alaikum”

“Salaams Abs, how are you?”

“Abs? You’re mistaken, there’s no one by that name here.” Abu’s voice was intimidating, even over the phone!

“Ooooh Abbu! Maaf, I’m looking at my six-pack in the mirror. I started gyming a month ago…it’s such fun Abbu, you really should join a gym!”
Sigh, don’t judge me Sadeekun.
I couldn’t tell Abbu that I was so engrossed in admiring myself, that I called him “abs” because I was flexing!
I only started gyming as a means of releasing my internal frustration and in order to keep fit for soccer. What started off as once a week of intensive cardio, soon became an obsession with lifting and body-building too! I’m on the road of becoming the next “Swole King”.

“Jokes aside Abbu and I know that you’re okay, because you sound whole and hearty. And you have Umi, so you’re bound to be more than okay!
Now, before you say anything further…I need some advice.”
I’m a shameless child, I didn’t even give my father the chance to respond properly Sadeekun!

I told him in precise detail about Aneesa’s blog, Zuhayr’s forged proposal, Maami’s uncanny behavior tantrums and Ali’s dumb scheme story.

He listened intently, I could picture him fondling his beard and occasionally nodding his head… He must’ve even gulped down a cup of masala tea while listening. Anything’s possible when it comes to Abbu.

“Slow down Speedy Gonzales…”
He said with a light chuckle.
Your mother and I will be there as soon as we can. Just know that blood is thicker than water.
And Aneesa possesses your Mamoo’s blood, after all.”


>>> hMm… As ThE plot ThiCKenS, TrUe PeRsOnAlITiEs ArE ShOWn. Why diD MaaMi Say SuCh HArSh thinGS to SAyFuLlAh? DiD hE DeSeRvE IT?

PS: Recently we had asked the readers to recite Duas for Khatijah (kaytee), who was in the last stages of cancer. Sister Khatijah has now passed on and we would once again like to ask the entire ummah to please remember her in your duas. May Almighty Allah grant her Janatul-Firdaus. Ameen… It would be highly appreciated if everyone who reads this, would read Surah Yaseen and Surah Ikhlaas 3 times on her behalf. Jazak-Allah

Narrated by Anas (May Allah be pleased with him) saying that The Holy Prophet (Sallalaahu Alaihi WasSallam) said: Any young person who is kind to an elderly because of his age, Allah will send him someone who will be kind to him when he becomes old.

Narrated by ‘Amr Ibn Shu’aib through his father and from his grandfather (May Allah be pleased with them), saying that The Messenger of Allah (Sallalaahu Alaihi WasSallam) said:
He is not of us, the one who does not have mercy on our young ones, and the one who does not know the respect of our old ones. [Dawood]

UnTil ThE nExT EpIsoDe oF SAyFUllAh’s DiAry<<<