24#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 2]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

Umi and Abbu decided to stay for at least 3 days before going back home. I was so relieved because this will give me some time to catch up with them once my problems are sorted out.

Throughout the whole “get-together” today, Ahmed, Asghar and I were all in a different world. In order for you to understand why… let me go back to last night…

Finding that charger was like looking for a needle in a haystack!

It took three hours to find, and another three whole hours for it to charge! Technology, whoever said it made life simpler clearly never had their life dangling in Ahmed’s hands.

I dreamt about Aneesa last night. I’m just as shocked as you are Sadeekun! My mind must’ve really been messed-up to conjure such beautiful images of her. She was wearing a flowing white dress with green embellishments. There was an unusual sense of warmth about her. Something so inviting that I found myself mesmerized just by the way her tresses flowed… I woke up screaming when a strange voice announced, “This shall be the Queen of your heart.”

Queen of my heart?! Muhuhaha… more like Queen of farts.

What a nightmare! I wiped a thread of sweat from my brow, read and spat to my left (repeatedly)!

—————- Battery Full —————-

Back to the camcorder.

I stared at the blank screen, hoping that it would solve all of my unanswered questions…

Asghar placed his hand on my shoulder. Knowing that I had his support felt good Sadeekun. He reminds me of you, I know that my secrets are safe with him.

We watched the screen as Zubair handed Ahmed his camcorder and walked towards me with a slight bounce. He whistled and then did a flamboyant wink. “You must be thirsty baby,” he insisted. Huh?!?! BABY???

Asghar and Ahmed rolled over each other with laughter. “Why on earth would he call you “BABY” Sayf????” Ahmed chirped. “Unless there’s something you’re hiding from us…”, Asghar echoed and instantly pulled his hand off my shoulder. “He hasn’t called either of us baby and we know him longer than you!”, they howled in unison.

I didn’t have a response, my blood was boiling. “I’m STRAIGHT!”, I declared and ordered them to continue staring at the screen.

As he approached me on the screen, I buried my head in my hands. I couldn’t bear to watch anymore Sadeekun. “Ooooh, they gonna pull a bolly move and run into each other’s arms in slow motion”, Ahmed teased.

“…Surely Allah is with the patient ones [Qur’an 2:153]”, I convinced myself not to send Ahmed flying through his room window.

“WAIT!” Asghar’s voice was high-pitched and cold. He sounded as if he’d been bitten by the bearer of bad news. “REWIND NOW!”, he yelled. “Look Sayfullah, Look! You grabbed the glass of water from Zubair’s hand while he was talking to this girl.” (She was dressed decently, I knew that she had to be Muslim)

“So thaaaaat’s who he was calling baby,” Ahmed professed with a loud sigh.

His intention was to drug and probably date-rape that poor girl. I really did feel sorry for her… Imagine if I didn’t grab the glass out of his hand with sheer thirst as an excuse…

She would’ve probably awoken the next morning lying on one of the alley corners, battered and bruised. Marks with no memory… Just the thought of it made me want to rip his head off!

“Let me zoom in,” Ahmed insisted. “I know all the girls on campus and this girl clearly needs to be warned.” He did an optical zoom trick and the faces were enlarged, but her back was facing the camera. “Turn, turn, turn around!”, I urged as if she could hear me.

Ahmed was just about to switch it off. I was reading to keep myself calm so didn’t really pay attention to what was happening. After a few seconds, all I heard was an enormous scowl which sent shivers down my spine. Ahmed and I looked at each other in confusion and then stared at Asghar blankly. “You’re okay bro?”, I fumbled, neither of us knew what to expect. “Get some water, maybe he’s choking!”, Ahmed’s eyes beamed with concern.

Asghar gasped and jumped out of his seat! “Look at her hand!!! That watch with the attached bracelet, that’s, that’s…”

[To Be Continued In Season 3]


>>> OOpSiE, LooKS LiKe SAyFuLLah’s PeN JuSt Ran out OF InK! We”lL jUSt HAvE To WaiT UNTiL NeXt SeaSon tO Find OuT WhO tHe mYStEry GiRL IS…

Lessons Learnt From This Season:

Asghar isn’t a drug dealer after all… This teaches us to never judge a book by its cover. No matter how convinced you may be about someone’s involvement in something wrong, remember to attain solid proof before you render an accusation valid. Always give another person the benefit of the doubt… we’re only human after all. Know that today’s sinner can become tomorrow’s Saint through the Grace of The Almighty.


Abu Qatada (Radi’Allahu anhu) reported Allah’s Messenger (Sall’Allahu alaihi wa sallam) as saying: A good vision is from Allah and a bad dream (hulm) is from the satan; so if one of you sees anything (in a dream) which he dislikes, he should spit on his left side thrice and seek refuge with Allah from its evil, and then it will never harm him. Abu Salama (Radi’Allahu anhu) said: I used to see dreams weighing more heavily upon me than a mountain; but since I heard this hadith I don’t care for it (its burden).[Sahih Muslim ~ Book #029, Hadith #5616]

Rasulullah (SallAllahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) said: “When a man says something, then glances left or right, his words are a confidence to be kept.” [Hasan hadith. Tirmidhi]

“Whenever people meet, it is obligatory to keep secret any act that occurs, any word spoken, or any state attributable to someone, when these concern something one would normally wish to remain confidential.” [al-Durar al-Mubaha fi al-Hazr al-Ibaha, quoted in “Reliance of the Traveller” by Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri]

UntIl ThE NeXt SeAsoN oF SAyFuLlAh’S DIAry<<<


23#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 2]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

The music was loud and edgy. Almost sounded slightly satanic if you paid attention to the lower notes.

Ahmed was swaying along with the beat, thus, making his lifeless camcorder dance along like a butterfly with a broken wing. Totally not in harmony with the law of gravity.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time…

I was jiving a little too, bobbing my head up and down, swaying my arms….The usual stuff trance pro’s do. I could hardly recognize myself Sadeekun…. I grabbed a blond girl’s bottom, kissed another on the cheek and made an odd looking guy do a triple spin on the dance floor.

“Rewind, Rewind, Ahmed!” Asghar yelled. He seemed more furious than I was.

He closely analysed the difference in my behavior from 7:30pm until 11:45pm. From the time we entered until approximately 9pm, I kept to myself. It even appeared as if I was reading aloud to myself. At one point I even dragged Zubair aside and asked him to drop me off at home.

“That’s the Sayfullah I know,” Asghar lifted his head and smiled.

The “window period” or the time slot wherein some rotten loser handed me that spiked glass of water, had to have been from around 8:30pm.

There was a loud knock on the door. Sounded as if someone was trying to break it down!

“SAYFULLAH!!!” was all I heard. Actually, it sounded like a beast with a toothache who was screaming out my name. We hid the camcorder and braced ourselves for whoever or whatever that was…

There was no house-warming get-together last night Sadeekun. Umi and Abbu decided to pay me a surprise visit! Well actually… it wasn’t totally for me. “Your Umi was missing you very much. She spoke to your Mamoo and he said Muhammed Asghar’s birthday is tomorrow so we could come down and stay the night”, Abbu said.

Boy, was I shocked! Shukar, my room was tidy and a set of books were lying by the bedside. Umi held me as if I’d just returned from World War 3. “Allah Paak, you’re gone so thin my bachooo!”, she mumbled to herself a hundred times with tears in her eyes.

Abbu asked where the nearest Masjid was and if I got selected for the University’s soccer team.

I related my “10seconds of glory” story and even he seemed impressed! Asghar knew why I didn’t answer the first question, so he butted in and gave Abbu the directions to the Masjid. I couldn’t help but feel guilty Sadeekun…

Abbu was suffering with a terrible toothache so they had to leave early…

Felt good seeing them Sadeekun. We only tend to realize the value of our parents when they aren’t around us anymore. I begged them to stay longer, but, Mamoo insisted that they spend the night at his house.

They were glad that Asghar and I were getting along so well. Umi said that Allah Ta’ala finally gave me the older brother I had always wanted. She couldn’t have been more right.

As soon as they had left, we pulled out the camcorder and scrutinized every detail…


Around 8:45pm Ahmed followed Zubair to the bar. The girls were thirsty so he sent Ahmed away with two bottles of Valpre.

Smart move… what Zubair didn’t realize was that this clever little mechanism that has the ability to record without a human, was still watching him like a hawk.(Ahmed forgot his camcorder at the bar). Bless Ahmed’s amnesia!

Zubair then ordered a third bottle of Sparkling Water (this is it Sadeekun!). He asked the bar tender for a glass and Asghar, Ahmed and I clearly saw him pull out a pack of tablets from his jacket pocket. He emptied three, (damn him!) THREE tablets into the glass and stirred it like a professional psychopath!

He realized that Ahmed forgot his camcorder and being the wonderful friend that he is (bleh), picked it up and ensured that he gave it to Ahmed (glass still in his other hand).

I am so furious Sadeekun!!!! What did I ever do to Zubair? I’ve been nothing, but nice to him.

—————- Battery Low —————-

Ahmed’s camcorder was breathing its last and since he has the memory of a goldfish….there was no charger to go with it.

Taking Ahmed to fetch his charger, will update you tomorrow after Asghar’s “Not Surprise Get-Together Anymore”.

I still don’t get the motive behind this scenario, something just isn’t right. Nothing seems to be adding up Sadeekun….


>>> WhEw, HoW HeCtIc iS tHAt?! Do You think thErE’S More to ThIS Than What MeeTs ThE EyE? WhY WouLD ZuBaiR WanT To “dRuG” SayFuLlAh??

Thus it is very important to abide by the command of Allah SWT that says, ‘Your Lord has commanded that you worship none but Him, and be kind to parents. If either or both of them reach old age with you, do not say ‘uff’ to them or chide them, but speak to them in terms of honor and kindness. Treat them with humility, and say, ‘My Lord! Have mercy on them, for they did care for me when I was little’ [Qur’an 17:23]

KeEp ReAdinG to SeE HoW ThIS All unfolds<<<

22#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 2]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

“It’s the last few minutes of the game!!! Score is tied at 2 all after a heart-pounding 80 minutes!

…Only 10 minutes left on the clock!

Mr. Carter (our soccer coach) is jumping like a bunny on his seat and using vivid hand gestures to tell boys to, “Attack, ATTACK!!!”.

Zubair swiftly passes the ball to me and I instantly turn around and race towards the goalpost.

Everything slows down, only the sound of my heart throbbing against my rib-cage can be heard…

I do a “step-over” (that’s a pro trick), quickly pass an enormous defender and avoid a tackle from another who thinks that he’s Sergio Ramos himself!

The crowd goes silent and within a split-second…


The crowd went wild! Coach Carter clapped and whistled at the top of his lungs. He certainly seemed impressed!

“Outstanding dribble skills, er Sey-phu…We’ll just call you Beckham’s illegitimate son, for now…”, he said with a proud Afrikaaner accent.

Zubair’s face was red! It matched the colour of the card he was holding, perfectly.

Against the backdrop of my glory, I overheard the officials giving him a grilling.

“One more dirty tackle and you’re bound to be benched for the rest of the season, after that, you can kiss your scholarship goodbye.”. He spat and walked away in a huff.

Almost everyone congratulated me. Even the perky-voiced girl who called me a weirdo!

Everyone… except Zubair.

Soccer try-outs were today Sadeekun!!!

And guess who made the team???!!!

Ahem, aaand the FINAL GOAL… was scored by yours truly… (HUGE grin!)

My Bags are packed too. Finally Sadeekun! I’m ready to abandon the suffocating nest of family and spread my magnificent wings and flyyyyy.

(Okay, okay – that’s being ungrateful. Mamoo and Maami really did go out of their way to make me feel ‘at home’ and if it wasn’t for Asghar, I’d probably be a lonely outsider with no social circle.)

The dorm rooms are small and cold (in an eerie kinda way)…

If I knew that freedom meant sharing a communal shower, I would’ve bought enough deodorant to ensure that I Never need to bath again – EVER.

Maybe, some old aunty will feel sorry for me and let me use her bathroom (or even her garden sprinkler – I’m not the fussy type…)

I refuse to splish and splash around with a shower curtain as my only form of discretion! Don’t let me get started about the toilets, that’s worthy of another entry alone.

Throwing a house warming get- together (keyword for party!) tonight.

I hope Zubair’s feeling a bit better.

Not sure if inviting him will be a good idea.

Ahmed’s coming with his camcorder….

Will let you know all about it tomorrow Sadeekun.


>>> SayFuLLAh BetTer WAtCh HiS bAck! SomE enEmIes come DiSgUisEd In ThE form of friends. WouLd iT HAvE bEeN bEttEr FoR sAyfUllAh If He StAyEd At hIS MAmOO’s HouSe PermaNeNtLy InSteAd?

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa-Sallam) said: “Beware of jealousy, for verily it destroys good deeds the way fire destroys wood.” [Abu Dawood]

Abu Huraira reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “He has not thanked Allah who has not thanked people.”

Source: Sunan Abu Dawud 4811

StAy TuNnEd UNtIl thE nExT episode oF SayFuLlah”s DiAry<<<

21#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 2]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

I was on a roll Sadeekun!

Won five games in a row (who0p wh0op)…

I know you’re wondering if these 5 games were won in the casino… I’ll tell you about that a bit later.

Sadeekun, my life has been a soliloquy of unchartered drama! Feels like I’m a part of the Phantom Of The Opera, me being the Phantom, of course!

That piece of garbage who sold his girlfriend to a brothel is on every front page in KZN. I spent the morning yesterday buying various newspapers just to ensure that my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me, Again.

There’s a sketch of him. Oval face, deep-set eyes, a high bridged nose, profound lips and a mole beneath his chin. Yes Sadeekun, A MOLE BENEATH HIS CHIN!!!!!!!!!

The sketches were identical in every newspaper…

Anyway… Since you’re dying to know, the sea was beautiful last night…The tide was low and the water felt warm against my skin…

The gang decided to tour the casino section without me (I was too busy floating with jellyfish to notice that they’d all already left). Sigh, that’s what happens when a farm-boy meets the deep blue sea. Everything else simply fades. I was intoxicated by the Beauty of The Almighty’s creation. In love with sound of the silky waves crashing against the shore….and amicably mesmerized by what was hidden beneath the beautiful blue.

Eventually I decided to head back to my hotel room. There was no use going to look for the guys because I had no idea where I’d find them. I hadn’t ever explored the inside of a casino, but from the movies, it looked quite crowded so I didn’t bother. They’d probably play a prank on me because there were way too many places for them to hide.

I noticed that someone was lying on my bed, as I entered the room. He was far too thin to be Zubair or Yusuf…

Asghar! I yelled as I turned him over. Boy, was I glad to see him.

“Sup my lytie,” he said with his usual smirk… I looked at his chin and breathed a sigh of relief. There are seven people in this world who look alike. Asghar’s look-alike (the mole, shape of his eyes and ears his face being a bit thinner being the only differences), made it to every front page in KZN. Whereas, Asghar, never quite made it past University. I laughed at my gullibility…to think that I thought that my own cousin was a ruthless drug addict!

I explained my short-term memory loss scenario to him. “We’ll have a look at that camcorder together,” he ordered. “Someone definitely spiked that glass of water!”.

I suggested that we explore the casino section and his response will never be forgotten Sadeekun. For as long as I live, these words shall remain etched in my mind.

” Sayf, watching evil as a form of entertainment, is just as good as bloody doing it yourself!”

He squinted, “Heard you’ve been playing thunnie too. Lytie, all this nonsense must stop.”

He pulled out a pack of Uno cards, and we played until the sun rose…

So no Sadeekun, I didn’t play in the casino. I know you might think that I’m losing my way because of what happened the other night, but I swear Sadeekun, I would’ve never done that if I was in my right senses. We’re gona find out who did this… and we’re gona find out soon!


>>>HmM… Any GuEssES As To WhErE ASghAR Was these PAsT FeW DAyS?

Allah the Exalted says in the Qur’an: “And (remember) the Day when the wrong-doer will bite his hands and say: Woe to me! Would that I had taken a path with the Messenger. Woe to me! If only I had not taken so- and-so as a friend! He has led me astray from this Reminder (the Qur’an) after it had come to me. And Satan is ever a deserter to man in the hour of need.” [Qur’an 25:27-29]

“Verily! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, and the ships which sail through the sea with that which is of use to mankind, and the water (rain) which Allah sends down from the sky and makes the earth alive therewith after its death, and the moving (living) creatures of all kinds that He has scattered therein, and in the veering of winds and clouds which are held between the sky and the earth, are indeed Ayat (proofs, evidences, signs, etc.) for people of understanding.” [Qur’an 2:164]

Find Out WhAT hApPeNS On thE NeXt EpISoDe oF SAyFuLLah’S DiAry<<<

20#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 2]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

Sorry I missed the update last night Sadeekun, for the life of me I can’t recall what happened after we went into Cuba Lounge. Yes, I was supposed to be painting the town Blue, yet, all I have stored in my memory is Black nothingness.

Ahmed said that he recorded snippets of the night on his camcorder, hopefully that will give me an idea of what exactly went down. The boys said that someone offered me a glass of sparkling water, and I took it without hesitating. They assumed that he was either a friend or relative of mine.

Zahra (a pretty lass), said that I was fine until we went to Milkylane for coffee. Apparently, I stood on the table and did the macarena in front of a bunch of old Muslim aunties… (My cheeks are literally burning Sadeekun!)

They all thought it was funny, until I vomited and passed out. “Serves you right for smoking six different flavours of hooka without sharing Sayf,” she said as she flicked her long auburn hair in my face.

Say what?! Just the smell of that nonsense makes me want to gag, how on earth did I manage to inhale six different flavours all-in-one-go?

“Don’t worry bro, just enjoy the rest of the weekend, coz it’s gonna be epic!” I noticed that Zubair had an uncanny way of sweeping issues beneath the carpet.

I need to tell Asghar, incidences like this are far from normal. Maybe I have a split-personality and need psychological help?

He’ll know what to do.

Umi thinks that I’m staying at Zubair’s house, Mamoo thinks that Asghar and I are at the University Residence, sorting my room out and Maami… didn’t bother asking, she just smiled and said, “Have a good time and stay safe.”

Asghar should’ve been here! He should’ve been there last night too, only heaven knows where that boy is!

There’s a bump at the back of my head Sadeekun….Should I be worried?

Anyway, I’m gonna go for a swim. Need to clear my mind. The girls have their own room, could hear them gossiping about some guy who sold his girlfriend to a brothel, just to get money to pay off a drug seller (sick and twisted world). I actually miss Aneesa’s quietness, never heard the girl gossip or speak ill of anyone!

Might check the casino out a little later, not to gamble….just for the sake of fun.


>>>WhAt A nIgHt! IMAgine LoSinG A fRAgmEnT Of YouR MeMoRY… A SnIppEt Of YuR LiFe. HAvINg ThE scRAs, WiThouT KNoWinG How IT GoT ThEre …Don’t you think that Sayfullah’s a little too naïve?

“O ye who believe! Intoxicants and gambling, (dedication of) stones, and (divination by) arrows, are an abomination,- of Satan’s handwork: eschew such (abomination), that ye may prosper. Satan’s plan is (but) to excite enmity and hatred between you, with intoxicants and gambling, and hinder you from the remembrance of God, and from prayer: will ye not then abstain? (The Noble Quran, 5:90-91)”

I believe non-Muslims expect a lot of morals from Muslims. That is why they attach Islam to every Good and Evil thing that is done from Muslims, because they think that we live our lives 100% by the laws of Islam.

So, when Muslims go frequently to casinos, then they are not really helping themselves to allow Allah Almighty to help them “prosper”, and they are not giving the good impression about Islam.

UntIL ThE nExT EpISoDe of SayFuLlAh’S dIAry<<<

19#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 2]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

It’s Friday Night Sadeekun, time to paint this city Red! (Or Blue, since I’m such a macho stud)…

The boys are planning a weekend gettaway, that’s what Yusuf’s been harping about all along. I can hear Wildcoast calling my name! Haven’t been on a road trip without the parents before. Soccer, surf and sand….What could possibly be better?!

I wasn’t too sure on what to pack for the trip, so I asked Asghar to help me out. “So are you coming or what?”, I asked excitedly. “Not right now… But I’ll catch up with you’ll when you’ll there. Don’t worry bra”, Asghar assured me. I didn’t bother about asking him when or why because I was too excited to be going for a guy’s weekend out. Before, I only had Apa around and sooo… I got bossed around more than anything else. Now I have my FREEDOM!

Asghar said I shouldn’t say anything to Aneesa about the guys weekend out thing because she’d just squeal and complain about how she’s never allowed to go anywhere without Maami or one of her friends mothers being with them. I tell you… Aneesa is such a baby at times. Always spoiling everyone’s curries. I’m so glad Apa was older than me and so much more mature.

The guys really know how to sell an idea… they’ve been going on about this trip all day and if I was a customer… I WOULD’VE BAUGHT IT! Even if I was an old man in a wheel chair! Wish these smooth talkers could talk Abbu and Umi into moving to Durban. Haha… that would be the day!!

We’re almost there now Sadeekun! With music pumping through the speakers right behind me, I can feel the excitement running through my veins! It’s funny how music makes situations feel unreal and like I’m living a scene from a movie…

I’m going to sign out now and update you later on how awesome our room looks! Believe it or not, but aside from the movies, this is the first time I’m going to be seeing the inside of a hotel room. Just thinking about the nice smelling soaps and new-looking shower makes me feel like a royal larine! Chat later Sadeekun… Cya!



>>> AlL BOyS WiLL AlWayS ReMEmBER TheIR first NiGhT Of fReeDom! bUt iS iT All WoRtH It In ThE END? LeTS WAiT And FiND OuT…

Narrated by Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (radhiyallahu anhu), Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “I take oath by The Being Who has sent me with the Haqq (Truth)! The world will not come to an end until earthquakes, the descent of showers of stones (from the heaven) and disfigurement of faces (which will be transformed into apes and swines) had not taken place.’ The Sahaabah said: ‘When will that happen, O Rasulullah?’ He replied: ‘When you see women seated o¬n saddles (i.e. riding horses and in this age, driving cars); when singing girls are to be found in profusion; when false testimony becomes rampant, and when homosexuality and lesbianism become prevalent.” (Bazzaar and Tibraani)

Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (radhiyallahu anhu) narrates that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Listening to music and singing is sinful. Sitting at such gatherings is fisq (immoral transgression). Deriving pleasure from it is kufr.” (Nailul Autaar)

Until ThE NeXt episode Of SayfUllAh’s DiaRy<<<

18#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 2]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

We stood around on campus today, enjoying each other’s company. We laughed and joked and after a while, we boys decided to take a walk to the car… maybe to go get something to eat. We WERE feeling a bit of a pinch in our tummies.

As we passed a certain group of Indians, Yusuf and Zubair said they’d be back in 5 minutes, broke free from us and walked on over to that group. Ahmed pulled me and told me from the side of his mouth to act cool and to just keep walking. I didn’t understand what the big deal was. We could’ve just gone with and waited for them, that’s what we normally do.

When we got to Yusuf’s car, we stood around waiting for him to come. “Ekse, what’s the problem with standing there?”, I asked quite confused. “Ey bra, you don’t want to mix with that crowd”, Ahmed replied, shaking his head from side to side as he leaned back against the car and folded his arms. “Why? Who are they?”, I asked, wanting to learn more about how things work around here. “Those are the ‘MILKYLANES’, you saw them… all fair and white white with their noses stuck in the air. Girls with the tight tight jeans who think that just because they wear scarf to campus it’s ok and that, that makes them ‘holier’ than the rest.”, Ahmed replied with a funny look on his face that just made me laugh!

Turns out that if you want to belong to that group you have to play by their rules. Not just anyone is welcome, you have to know someone from the gang in the first place in order to join… and after you’ve joined, you’re not allowed to hang out with any of the other crews or you’re out! Especially if you “Launch” them to go chill with people from the Non-Muslim crews. Zubair and Yusuf are exceptions… Yusuf has the money and Zubair’s got the soccer skills AND they’re both fair skinned.

“So why didn’t you join them if you have TWO passes -Yusuf and Zubair?”, I asked after a while, trying hard not to sound like a pest. Ahmed dropped his arms and gave me an are-you-kidding-me kind of look then said, “I don’t approve of their rules… what’s wrong with hanging out with the Non-Muslims? They aren’t dirty. Bra you don’t know these Durban owes, they’re ever willing to learn and discuss not just UNI work but even our religion. They listen better than our own Muslims do… Plus if I need to catch up with my notes they’re always there to help out”.

After half an hour of waiting, Zubair and Yusuf finally came and that too, it wasn’t for long. “Ekse… Maaf man, we have to go. You’ll can vy and maybe we can catch you’ll later?”, Yusuf said quickly, just before he and Zubair ran off back to the group again. WE WAITED… for HALF-AN-HOUR…while our stomachs GROWLED UNCONTROLLABLY… just for them to come tell us that they aren’t going to come and that we can carry on?! I was annoyed at this point.

Ahmed didn’t seem bothered. It was almost like he was used to it. “Bra lets vy my pozie for a chow”, he said as he got into his car. We were at his house in no time. He introduced me to his mother and then I followed him to his room. For a techie, he sure had a very clean room. He put his bag away and threw his jacket over his computer chair while his mother was already dishing out food for us to eat. We washed up and sat at the table! BOY what a meal we had! I hadn’t had a proper lunch ever since I started on campus. While eating we made some small talk with his mother. “Who cleaned my room Ma?”, Ahmed asked politely. “I did”, his mother replied with a smile on her face. It was like she was pleased that he had noticed. When we were done, Ahmed insisted I leave my plate. I thought it was some kind of THING here in Durban, where your guests aren’t allowed to pick up their own plates.

Ahmed took out a small box, put our dirty dishes in it and put the box into the fridge! His mother and I both looked at him like he had lost his mind!! “Ahmed what’s wrong with you!”, his mother yelled as she took the box out of the fridge. “Do you like it Ma? I cleaned up how… ”, Ahmed said in an aren’t-you-proud-of-me tone. “You call this cleaning?! Do the dirty dishes stay in the fridge?!”, his mother said quite irritated by Ahmed’s stupidity. I just sat there quietly… it was like I wasn’t even there.

“You call what you did to my room CLEANING?? Do all the harddrives stay in a box in the cupboard??”, Ahmed said and at this point I was trying SO HARD not to laugh! Now I understood why his room didn’t look like other techno junky’s rooms. “So what then?! How must I clean if everything is lying all over your room and on your desk?”, his mother argued. “It’s meant to stay there! Leave it there… see how irritated you got when I mixed up your things”, Ahmed had a point. “Fine then I won’t clean your room”, his mother huffed and puffed. “Thanks Ma!”, Ahmed said after giving her a hug and kiss to make up for what he just did.

Ahmed’s mum reminded me of Umi. They don’t stay angry for very long and not even minutes later everything was a big joke. How I miss my Umi… Sadeekun… it’s not the same without her…


>>>HahAhA! Can ImagInE GuyS DoInG ThIS… As FoR ZubAiR And YusUf! HmpH! What dO You guys tHinK? SharE yOuR ThOuGhTS…

“Oh you who believe! Why do you say that which you do not do? Most hateful it is in the sight of Allah that you say that which you do not do”
 (Qur’an 61:2-3).

In the first verse of Surah al-Ma’idah, Allah called upon the believers: “O you who believe! Fulfill your promises.” [5:1]

Keeping appointments is vital to our lives. Time is the most precious commodity; once wasted, it can never be recovered. If you made an appointment, whether with a friend, colleague or for business, you should do your utmost to keep this appointment.

“There is no compulsion in religion; truly the right way has become clearly distinct from error; therefore, whoever disbelieves in the Shaitan and believes in Allah he indeed has laid hold on the firmest handle, which shall not break off, and Allah is Hearing, Knowing.” [Qur’an 2:256]

UntIl ThE nExT EpISoDe oF SAyFuLlah’S dIArY<<<

17#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 2]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

I am so furious!!!!!!!!

So mentally & emotionally distraught!!!!!

As I walked into the yard and closed the gate behind me, I heard screams that will play in my head forever! I’ll never forget it…

“I just wish I could vanish forever. Far away from these people, far away from my cursed existence, far away from everything!!! Keep getting forced into doing things. What the hell am I??? Some sort of spare tool that can be tossed between them whenever they want???!!! I am USED and ABUSED. I HATE being amongst the living!!! I want to be away from all of this! FAR AWAY! Just can’t do this anymore… Cannot do any of this anymore!”, the screams became more intense.

It was Aneesa’s voice. She was supposed to be at school…

As I unlocked the front door my breathing intensified and my heart pounded. Something was definitely wrong. I ran to her room, but she was nowhere in sight. “Aneesa, ANEESA!” I yelled frantically. There was no response.

I heard something fall in the lounge so I darted there faster than Usain Bolt in peak form.

“Anee__”, my brain froze and knees quivered.

She was lying in a pool of blood, with a knife in her hand. I almost gagged, her face looked pale… like she’d been crying for a long while and her wrists were covered in blood. Was this why Aneesa had been acting faulty all this time? Was I too blind to see the pain she was going through?!

I kneeled and felt her pulse, she was still breathing.

Who do I call?! How was I going to tell Mamoo and Maami, that their child was at the verge of dying. I should’ve come home earlier! I was done with lectures three hours ago, I only stayed on campus because I was getting thunnie lessons.

“Aneesa… I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”, was all that could escape my mouth as my shaking hands reached for a phone. I felt so guilty for being so nasty towards her for the past few days.

I dialed 911 and waited for someone, anyone to answer… I prayed with all my heart that they could get an ambulance here in time. “WHY DID YOU DO THIS!”, I yelled, feeling for a pulse to make sure she’s still with me. I can’t explain the hate I had for the person responsible for this. My eyes were beginning to blur up…

As my call connected, I heard a fit of laughter behind me. Before I could turn around I heard giggles from either side of the lounge.

What the?! Aneesa sat up and pointed the knife at me.

“Gotcha”, she teased. “Serves you right for messing up our rehearsal”, she said with a smirk on her face. Her friends who were giggling like a gaggle of geese, came out from behind the curtains. They were rehearsing for their school’s annual drama festival.

I clenched my fists, if Umi didn’t teach me not to hit girls, they would’ve been zombies by now!

I didn’t speak to anyone for the rest of the evening, my mind is still perturbed. May Allah Ta’ala make it easy for all those who lose loved ones through suicide.

I’m grateful Sadeekun, grateful that it was all just an act. But I’ll never forget the feeling that went through me. It will haunt me forever.


>>>Do You thInk He WaS RiGht In BlAmInG hImSelf For BeinG LatE? If You KnOw SomEonE Who IS HavINg A TouGh TimE, LenD An Ear oR A ShouLdEr To CrY ON. Don’T BE NastY ToWArDs AnyONe BecAuSe You NevEr kNoW, You MiGhT JuSt Be ThE OnE To puSH tHem oVeR tHe EdGE!!

It is narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira(R.A) that the Messenger of Allah (May Peace Be Upon Him) observed: He who killed himself with steel (weapon) would be the eternal denizen of the Fire of Hell and he would have that weapon in his hand and would be thrusting that in his stomach forever and ever, he who drank poison and killed himself would sip that in the Fire of Hell where he is doomed forever and ever; and he who killed himself by falling from (the top of) a mountain would constantly fall in the Fire of Hell and would live there forever and ever.

Life is precious, take each day as it comes. Remember that the answer to all of your problems lies in the Hands of The Almighty. He reserves the toughest battles for His strongest soldiers.

So heal a soul, touch a heart…And Be A True Soldier Of The Almighty.

StaY TunNEd UntIl ThE NeXt EpISoDe Of SayFuLLAh’s DiarY<<<

16#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 2]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend

I laughed until my funny bone almost snapped today.

Zubair has an awesome crew, definitely the coolest bunch on campus!
There’s Ahmed, the techno junkie, Yusuf, the dude whose dad owns practically half of overport (has his own Nissan 350z and probably more credit cards than the mayor) and there’s a few girls (can’t remember all by name). Yusuf said that only the hottest girls are allowed in this click, they even have to pass a few tests before they can hang-out with us. I kinda felt honoured, perks of knowing a guy like Zubair.

Went to the first few lectures today, eish….boring, boring, boooooring!
Yusuf and I scanned the cafeteria for new recruits and ended up sitting at one table while he smoked hooka and I played thunnie (my first attempt) with a bunch of Law students. Yusuf won a few games and ended up with a lump sum of R500 in the process. “Keep it bro, you’ll need it this weekend.”, he said with his hand out waiting for me to take it. Before I could refuse, he shoved his hand into my jacket pocket. I didn’t want to seem like a wuss, so I kept it without making a fuss.

Asghar fetched me from the front entrance, and as usual madam Aneesa was there too. An indian dude with dreadlocks was standing by his window and I swear I saw him hand Asghar a bank packet. Maybe I’m imagining things Sadeekun! Probably due for another eye test soon. Aneesa had her Quraan in her hand, and simply continued reading… oblivious of her surroundings.

“What that rasta lytie wanted from you?”, I asked Asghar with a tone of disinterest… Didn’t want to sound inquisitive. Plus I wanted to show off that I’m learning to talk like the Durban owenz. “Nothing, he just “smaaked” the magz on my baby (Asghar’s Pride and Joy – his Golf4)… Did I tell you that I won the speed and sound competition last year,” he gushed.

Upon Asghar’s insistence I ended up taking over the wheel all the way home while he bobbed his head in synchronized rhythm to some funky beats, sitting in the passenger seat. “But, he doesn’t have his license,” Aneesa’s fearful whines fell on deaf ears (unfortunate – for her).

The look on her face each time I took a sharp bend was definitely the highlight of my day! Think she might have messed her pants… bwahaha! I actually did her a favor if she was constipated.

“This is trance my boy, the best music your farm ears will ever absorb! So loosen up and go with the flow Sayf,” Asghar encouraged.

Umi wasn’t impressed about the beard story, she even threatened to tell Abbu to pack me off to Azaadville! I assured her that I will never interfere with my beard again. Maami said that Umi was only making a mountain out of a mole-hill and that Mamoo will have to go to bed without supper for ratting me out!
Maami rocks!

She also said that I look good behind the wheel and that I should book my learners soon. I felt even more Special when she told Aneesa that she’d have to go bed without supper too if she told Mamoo about today’s driving lesson!
The government should declare the 6th of March as Maamis Day!

Durban truly is the land of opportunity Sadeekun.


>>>It WaS UnReAsOnAbLE fOr SaYfUlLaH tO DrIvE AsGhAR’S CaR WiThOuT HaViNg a License aNd WaS ImMaTUrE oF asGHaR tO EnCoUraGe HIm tO Do IT!! Is sAyFUllAH SLoWlY bEcOmInG A ReCkLEsS CiTy bOY?

“They ask you about intoxicants and gambling: say, “In them there is a gross sin, and some benefits for the people. But their sinfulness far outweighs their benefit.” They also ask you what to give to charity: say, “The excess.” GOD thus clarifies the revelations for you, that you may reflect, upon this life and the Hereafter” [Quran 2:219-220]

Allah The Most High says, “Wine, gambling, idols, and fortune-telling arrows are but filth of the Devil’s handiwork, so shun it, that you may succeed. The Devil only wants to create enmity and hatred between you over wine and gambling, and to prevent you from remembering Allah and from prayer. Will you not then desist?” [Quran 5:90-91]

RasuluAllah (Sal Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) said: “Allah Mighty and Majestic sent me as a guidance and mercy to believers and commanded me to do away with musical instruments, flutes, strings, crucifixes, and the affair of the pre-Islamic period of Ignorance.” [Abu Dawud]

StAY TuNnEd UnTiL ThE NeXt EpIsODE oF SaYfUlLaH’S DiARy<<<

15#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 2]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

I woke up feeling like a new person this morning..

Missed my Fajr Salaah coz I slept a little too late, will have to make Qadha after campus.

Pens, pencils, exam pad, acceptance letter, uhm what was I forgetting?! Ummi would’ve checked my bag a gazillion times just to ensure that I had everything I needed. “Don’t forget your lunch!”, I pictured her screaming at the top of her lungs as she chased Abbu’s Toyota.
(Ummi’s Definition Of Lunch – enough food to feed a refugee camp in Somalia).

Mamoo and maami exchanged glances when they saw me, “Best of Luck my boy,” Mamoo gloated.
Maami just smiled and handed me my lunch (an apple and a yoghurt) accompanied by a crumpled R20 note in case I needed something to drink. I thanked her and rushed to the car.

Asghar was hooting like crazy, apparently Aneesa didn’t like being late for school (lil miss perfect).
She let me sit in front, quite nice of her…the “talk” maami gave her seemed to be working.

Asghar and I exchanged a fist bump. All he could say was “Wicked bro, the cherries are gonna fall flat in lines for you.”

I checked my appearance in the rear view mirror (just to make sure that my spikes were, uh…still spiky).
Aneesa laughed like the troll she is, the moment that she got a proper glimpse of me.

“Omg Sayfullah, you look like a plucked chicken!” she exclaimed through a fit of laughter.

Asghar silenced her by saying that she’s just jealous because her moustache is now longer than mine. I chuckled, this new look is gonna take a while for me to get used to.

Howard was spectacular, from the front entrance I could clearly see yacht mall. The harbour seemed to merge with the sky after a while…

“That’s what you get for staring at something for too long”, a perky voice exasperated behind me. The girl with specs smiled warmly and asked if I was a first year. I nodded. “Let me know if you ever need a tour….”, she smiled again, and I nodded once more nonchalantly.

Think I heard her mumble, “weirdo” as she walked away.

I remembered that Zubair was a third year BA student at Howard, hopefully I’ll be able to chill with him during free sessions. Heard that he’s an awesome defender too.

Got my timetable, this is gonna be a hectic year Sadeekun. I need to prioritize my life. Strike a balance between soccer, studying and having a social life.

I keep fondling my chin (with the hope of playing with my beard) , guess old habits truly do die hard. Feels like a part of me is missing, the regret is overwhelming.

Looking forward to another day at Howard, soccer try-outs are in a week! That’s all for tonight, can’t manage to keep my eyes op__….


>>>DO You tHiNK ThAT SaYfULlAH’S pArEnTS wIlL bE PlEasEd wITh HIm No lOnGEr hAVINg a BeArd? Do YoU ThInK hIs MamOo wIlL pHoNe aNd teLl hiS SiSter abOuT hEr Son’S “nEw-lOoK”?

Abu Hurayra reported that the Messenger of Allah, May Allah Bless Him And Grant Him Peace, said, “And if they only knew what was in the prayers of ‘Isha’ and Subh [fajr], they would come to them even if they had to crawl.”

Abu Zuhayr ‘Umara ibn Ruwayba said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, say, ‘No one who used to pray before the rising of the sun and before its setting will enter the Fire,” meaning Fajr and ‘Asr.” [Muslim]

The person who imitates a nation is from amongst them.’ [Abu Dawood]

StaY TUnnED UnTIL tHe NExT EpiSoDe oF SaYfUllAH’S DiARy<<<