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Authors Note: Just want to send a shout out to AK for parts of yesterday’s episode. In the rush of posting, I forgot to give credit. Also… 

A BIG Jazak-Allah for all the love I’ve been getting in the likes, comments and inboxes from you readers across the tdoas social media platforms. It’s just so amazing… I’m truly touched. 

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My life literally is lived by the second. Just as the plot of the story is unpredictable until the actual moment I’m typing, my life is so unpredictable until I’m actually doing the next task. But my goal is to post every 2nd or 3rd day. But here’s some links to previous seasons to keep you’ll busy in the mean time… 

Here are the exact links to all the seasons for those of you who have missed out on any seasons.

Season 1 – Nusaybah

Season 1 – Sayfullah

Season 2 – Nusaybah

Season 2 – Sayfullah

Season 3 – Nusaybah

Season 3 – Sayfullah

Season 4 – Nusaybah

Season 4 – Sayfullah

Season 5 – Nusaybah

Season 5 – Sayfullah


I’m Back Alhumdulilah!!

Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Barakaatu my beautiful readers!

After giving it much thought and consideration, I’ve decided to start writing again, although I haven’t found a co-writer as yet.

In this past two years I’ve grown so much Alhumdulilah and seen so much more than just the straight cut story I had in mind before. And honestly, I’ve been having TDOAS fever for a while now. So I’ve decided to just continue doing what I’ve always loved doing and take up writing again. I was shocked to see that even after so long, there are still readers coming to this blog to view it and even comment. I’m really touched.

As you all know, I myself only have a brief outline of where the story is headed but feel just as you do when reading the blog as when I’m writing it since everything comes day by day. So please feel free to give you’lls ideas and thoughts on plot lines or issues you’ll would like me to address in future episodes.

I’d advise you’ll to just go over season 5 in the mean time since there aren’t many posts to catch up on. I really hope you’ll will be just as excited as I am in-shaa-Allah.

-Admin Ebi

1#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 5]:Whoops!

I went home in a rage. I had every right to be! I spent so much money on trying to make this proposal a good one but it all just blew up in my face. I was humiliated and treated badly by Nusaybah’s father. My heart feels like it was ripped out of my chest.

To make things worse, Nusaybah has agreed to see other ‘potential suitors’. Yeah right! That’s just another word for wanting to see other guys. Window shopping they call it. I should’ve just listened to Umi. She warned me that Nusaybah would break my heart.

2 days after I had arrived in Durban, Asghar came to pop in and see how I was doing. I didn’t know what to tell him. I was losing all hope in life. “Just pray bra. It will come right.”, he advised. “Pray?! Pray?! That’s all I’ve been doing! And where did it get me?!”, I yelled and almost immediately regretted saying it. I just had all this anger building up inside me.

A month had passed and still I had no word from Nusaybah. I scrolled through my Facebook, looking for any new post from her account. I needed to know what was going on in her head but I also knew that Nusaybah needed time to cool off. I tried fighting off the urge to message her but I wasn’t as strong as I thought I was. Just as I was about to send her a message, I got an inbox from someone on my contact list, sharing a link for me to read. The name of the link caught my attention and I decided to open it up.

When the page loaded and I began reading, I got the shock of my life! Immediately I ran to search my cupboards. “No… no… no!”, I yelled, almost pulling my hair out in frustration.

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Recap of Season 4


-Nusaybah reveals that Aunty Gori’s husband (Imtiyaaz) was behind the whole Mxit story involving her father, resulting in her mother moving out of the house. She also explains that Sameer  was the one who helped her make this discovery.

-Nusaybah starts developing feelings for Sameer before she finds out that he had proposed to someone else and will be having a double wedding along with her brother Luqmaan.

-Sayfullah runs into trouble with the law when someone targets him in an attempted robbery while he is on the job. All this ends in him losing his job.

-Sayfullah and Nusaybah reveal that they had met each other 2 years back at Luqmaan’s wedding, and have been in touch.

-Sayfullah finds a new job and is transferred to the Durban branch. He experiences some roommate troubles until he becomes good friends with his colleague and new roommate Zaid who advises him and encourages him to be a better Muslim.

-Sayfullah convinces Nusaybah to tell her father about their relationship after his mother plants the idea that Nusaybah might not be telling her parents about him because she has someone other than him in her her life.

-Nusaybah’s dad is furious on finding out about Sayfullah, and ships Nusaybah off to stay with her Dadi. He makes a deal with her that if she passes all the ‘wifely’ tests that Dadi throws her way, he will give Sayfullah a chance to come put in a formal proposal.

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In-Sha-Allah I will be rewriting and posting the first 2 episodes from season 2 in order to conclude the storyline from season 1 of Nusaybah’s diary. Thereafter I hope to get started with Season 5 which will be a continuation of Season 4.

I’d also like to thank each and everyone of you for reading, liking, commenting and most importantly, taking valuable lessons from this blog.

I hope you guys are enjoying reading as much as I am enjoying writing.

-Admin Ebi

HUGE shout out to all of you!



I’ve just had a look at my stats for 2015 and I just want to say Jazak-Allah to ALL of you from all over the world, who have supported me throughout 2015. I know I was such a pain, posting every 2 or 3 weeks, but I’m grateful for those who bared with me and still continued to support this blog no matter what.

May Allah make this blog a means for knowledge and guidance to me first and to every one of you who follow it In-Sha-Allah.

I started writing this diary so many years ago when I was just 15/16 years old and Alhumdulilah it has been a success thus far. In-Sha-Allah I hope to continue for as long as Allah permits.

You guys are just a lovely bunch of coconuts dee di-di dee… Bump barump pa standing in a row.

Lol Jazak-Allah again!

-Admin Ebi


Assalaamu Alaikum…

Would firstly like to say Jazak-Allah to all those reading, commenting, spreading the word and most importantly, taking lesson.

We are soon to complete Season 4 in-sha-Allah and I’m sure many of you will be eagerly awaiting Season 5,however it will have to be put on hold.

Season 1 was written when I was very young, hence the very immature and boring writing style in that season. So I wish to In-sha-Allah rewrite Season 1 first before starting with season 5.

I want to add more description to our characters Nusaybah and Sayfullah. I also wish too add more of their background in the season.

>>>So KeeP waTcHiNg tHis SpaCe<<<

I will be reblogging the posts so that you may recieve notifications of the posts if you’ve already clicked on the ‘follow’ blog button on the right/bottom of this page.

You can also recieve updates on facebook by liking our OFFICIAL Facebook page.

Jazak-Allah once again to you all!

-Admin Ebi


Alhumdulilah… we are nearly at the end of Season 3 of The Diary Of A Sinner.

I’m looking at the stats and i must say, Shukar… we’ve come a very long way. You as the readers make up most of it. Without you’ll, this blog wouldn’t have a purpose. Jazak-Allah for being loyal fans and for putting up with all our delays.

Since we are still searching for more writers, Admin Ebi has taken over once again from where  the previous writers left off. From only doing final edits, Admin is writing again. Most of you know Admin from Season 1. After the last episode of Nusaybah’s diary season 3, we will be breaking away for a while in order to start planning season 4.

We might however, come back sooner than expected… so watch this space. Or better yet, click on the “Follow Blog” button so you get an email when the next post is out instead of having to come and check everyday.

On the lighter side of things… it’s amazing what things people search on google that leads them to this diary. (Yes… we can see it) The latest was, “i had chicken briyani and i couldn’t breath from my nose”. (^^,) -Put a smile on my face!

Please keep all our writers in your special duas…

-Admin Team


Assalaamu Alaikum…

So we’ve completed Sayfullah’s diary for season 3.

However… This isn’t the end. Nusaybah’s diary will be posted for the next few nights until her diary is completed for the season.


We’ll start working on season 4 and In-Sha-Allah after a while, start blogging again.

Instead of coming to check everyday for a new post once season 3 is over, i suggest you click on the “Follow Blog” button so that you can receive an email  when we put up a new post. It will just save you guys the trouble.

PS: Stay tuned for tonight’s entry :)


Nusaybah’s back in action

Assalaamu Alaikum TDOAS readers

Alhumdulilah, I’m so happy to announce that Nusaybah will be back as off tonight and we will be going back to our usual posting times.

Monday-Thursday 8pm – alternating diaries

New writer and new twists are heading your way. Stay tuned and we really hope you are left glued to your seats ;) :P

-TDOAS Admin Team :)