Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

The Diary Of A Sinner is a fictional story written in a series form and is a CII Youth Foundation production. In this series, two main characters are introduced, Nusaybah (female character) and Sayfullah (male character).

The story centers around their lives as they go through the 21st century, trying to fit in the modern world but also not stray away from the teachings of Islam.

The story is aimed at being educational, yet entertaining and also eye-opening for those who may have been, are, or are on the verge of getting themselves into the sticky situations that the characters have gotten themselves into.

The story is NOT based on the author’s life OR anyone in particular (unless stated otherwise), rather it is a projection of many issues facing the Muslim community in this era and what the outcome of our actions would be.

Islamic rulings and teachings which have to do with the specific situation in each episode are included in the post as a means of Dawah for myself first and thereafter the readers.

May Allah make this a way for us to gain closeness to Him and may He enable us to practice, take heed and change our own lives for the better. Ameen.

This series is made up of 2 diaries and posts will alternate between the two. The aim is to post twice a week, on Friday and Sunday nights In-Shaa-Allah. Anything more would be a bonus, anything less you would have to forgive me for.

The author in no way intends to offend anyone by this series.

I truly hope you enjoy this read and I look forward to reading your feedback/comments. Criticism and suggestions are welcome too as I will be writing as we go along. For those who know how the story went the last time, this is your opportunity to have it changed. So feel free to give your recommendations.

Get your friends and family reading as well and In-Sha-Allah, you too will gain the reward for things they might learn from this series.


To avoid problems and disputes on this blog, I have put together this disclaimer for future reference.

  • The Diary Of A Sinner is a fictional diary series not based on any real life events.
  • It’s aims are to entertain, educate, to prompt discussion and to provoke thought.
  • Distribution or copying of the contents of this blog is strictly prohibited without written permission from CII Youth Foundation. However, the link to this blog may be distributed freely.
  • The author of The Diary Of A Sinner is not mandated to post daily or weekly.
  • The author of The Diary Of A Sinner has the right to delete/approve any unwarranted comments at their own discretion.
  • This diary series is not aimed at defaming any group, sect, culture or religion.
  • This blog is not to be used as an advertisement sheet for other blogs and businesses unless approved by the author of this blog. Failure to adhere to this request may result in you being banned from this blog.

I thank you for your time and co-operation. I truly hope you enjoy your read.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Salaams :) How do I start reading the series? Must I read the entire season on Nusaybah; and then the entire season of Sayfullah? Or what?


  2. Jee, to make it easier, read Nusaybah Season 1… then Sayfullah season 1. Then Nusaybah season 2, then sayfullah season 2… then the same for season 3 until you’ve caught up… from then on you can read the new posts on the homepage


  3. Salaam

    Where can I start reading from chapter one??? Can you add my email for new post????



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