TDOAS Blog Status 

Juggling work + family + this blog + other islamic pages has me in a spin. As you can see, I’m unable to keep up on this blog on my own. Until and unless I’m able to find another writer to help out, this blog has been put on hold.

PS: To the potential writer who had messaged me to contact them by email about being a co-writer… I’m not sure if you’ve received it, so please let me know. 

The more writers, the better… 

Any females wanting to be co-writers, please email 

In-Sha-Allah this blog will be active again once all my ducks are in a row again. 

-Sister in islam / Admin Ebi 


4 thoughts on “TDOAS Blog Status 

  1. May Allah (S.W.T) make it easy for you to juggle your time and grant you Barakah in your time. Ameen

    Lol hope you find a co-writer soon, this blog is awesome and really inspiring (helps make me think about how we judge people but don’t realize we do the same things)

    I love how it’s not like the usual blogs that focus mainly on materialistic things and the girl and guy having haraam relationships with everyone cheering them on.

    Lol missing Sayfullah and Irfaan lots
    What happened to Faridha?
    Did Yusra and Muzzaffar end up married?
    Lol even though Irfaan and Naseerah haven’t ‘met’ I feel they would be a cute couple

    Eagerly awaiting the next post :)


  2. Slmz hope u welll n alive??loll

    Misssiiiinnnggg this blog sooo much:((hope u start writing again soooon!!!!

    Did nusi ever get married??n what happen to sayf?

    Author u hav to complete this blog pleeaaassseeee☺

    I would hav became ur co writer butttt im terrible at writing stories lolll only good at reading😉

    Plz come bak i really miss u💔


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