Soooooo sorry!!

السلام عليكم ورحمتالله وبركاته All you lovely readers…

I’m really so sorry for such a long wait! I know I’ve posted last over 2 months ago. Life has really been so hectic and I’ve also started working on another little project of mine that I’ve been waiting YEARS to start! Also lost my co-writer for the time being so hard to keep up… 

BTW… If anyone is interested in co-writing, just contact me. (click on the blue link above and you’ll be redirected to find my Whatsapp number – females ONLY welcome to use it!) 

I haven’t even got down to replying to youlls messages. I’m going to try and catch up soon, but I really appreciate each and every comment and like! 

Good news is that I’ve already written 75% of the next VERY LONG post…. Bad news is that i still have 25% to go… 

Will try and post soonest In-Sha-Allah!

P.S: if you don’t have instagram, you can get my details here.
Please please make me Maaf! You guys must be soooooo annoyed and irritated with me… 

Much Love 

-Admin Ebi 


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