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Author’s note: I’d like to know what you guys think about the long episodes. Are they what you’ll enjoy reading? Or does the long texts make you sleepy and bored? Please be honest and open coz changes will be made to better suit your reading experience In-Sha-Allah. Enjoy!image

Habibati Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

Even though we got down to the more intense questions today, I actually felt more at ease and was comfortable with being myself. I won’t lie, as embarrassing and crazy as Tasneem can be, I don’t know how I could’ve went through this without her. I had a nap after Fajr and then woke up at about 8am and saw that she and Riaz had left a few notifications in the group after Fajr.

Tasneem: The wedding itself… Do you dream of a big fancy thing… Or ?
Tasneem: I will try and think of more questions but in the meantime, Sis Aafiyah… Hit Nusaybah with questions that you know your bro might be too shy to ask.
Riaz: Lol, I Personally Feel That All Further Questions Be Put On Hold Until Nusaybah Gives Her Opinion On ‘The Big Question’ Though, Whenever She’s Ready And Comfortable In Doing So, Wouldn’t That Be A More Appropriate Way To Approach The Progression Sister Tasneem?
Tasneem: Yep of course… Everyone can answer when ready. I’m just putting it out there coz I don’t know when I’ll be able to check in again. I ask maaf if I have overstepped with anyone of you. I hope this works out In-Sha-Allah if it is what is best.
Riaz: Understandable… Ameen.
Tasneem: Annnd I thought of another question… Since it’s such a big thing in our beautiful religion… Where do you both stand when it comes to Salaah?
Tasneem: Right! That’s all from me for now. Assalaamu Alaikum!
Riaz: Wa Alaikum Salaam.

I figured that Riaz hadn’t answered any of the other questions because he was probably stressing over what my answer would be to the previous question about how we would manage the whole distance thing if we did decide to get married.

Me: Alrighty… so I read and reread Riaz’st last big questions answer about 10 times now. I’m actually quite happy with it, although, I would just prefer a proper nikkah rather than a ‘skype nikkah’. As for Tasneem’s question about the wedding, I’ve always wanted a small wedding nothing big, nothing fancy. I feel it’s completely unislamic and wrong but of course I’m willing to sway a little bit. As for the salaah, I read all my namaaz always Alhumdulilah.
Riaz: Right, so, Namaaz-wise, same situation here as well Alhamdulillah, 5 daily since I was about 13.
Riaz: Wedding, EXACT Same Feelings Here, Smallest, Most Halaal Way Possible, No Need To ‘Sway’ In Any Way There In-sha-Allah

Me: Masha-Allah
Me: Another thing I wanted to ask was, what do you expect from me?
Riaz: What Do I Expect From You…
Riaz: To Be Not Only A Partner, But A Best Friend Whose Willing To Grow And Improve With Me In Life, Physically, Mentally, And Most Importantly, Spiritually, And Willing To Correct/Address, And Discuss With Me Regarding WHATEVER Faults I May Have, In The Best Ways Possible…
Me: Wow… I couldn’t have said that any better… ok
Riaz: On Your Side, Expectations From Me?
Me: I’d have to say exactly the same as what you just said now.
Tasneem: Heads up… Nusaybah is very loving by nature… So I hope you like cuddling.
Tasneem: Soooooo… Hobbies?
Riaz: Lol, How Could You Just Throw That Second Last Message In And Then Switch Almost Instantly To A Completely Different Topic?
Tasneem: Lol… So that it doesn’t become an awkward moment.
Riaz: Ok Then Lol, Sure The Fact That It’s There Is Already Awkward For Her But Yhea, About Hobbies, Can She Answer This One First Please?
Tasneem: I’m pretty sure Nusaybah is helping make breakfast round about now. So I hope you don’t mind waiting?
Riaz: Ok Cool Not A Problem, No Rush, No Pressure, I’ll Wait :)
Tasneem: I do hope that you don’t feel I’m kinda butting in…
Riaz: Lol Ofcourse Not, With Me Having My Sister Here To Ask Whatever Questions And Concerns I May Forget Or Be ‘Too Shy’ To Ask, It’s Only Fair That She Has Hers As Well, To Help Her Feel More Comfortable With This Whole Important Stage.

I finally get a break to look at my phone and all I had to read was the first line of what Tasneem had to say and I could literally feel my cheeks burn up. I was soooo embarrassed but I kept my composure (in the group at least – I killed her via PVT)

Me: Oh my word …Really now Tas?
Me: Moving past that… my hobbies include reading, I love reading, I love making things so any arts and crafts and I love baking.
Riaz: Wow, Amazing Masha-Allah, Mum And Aafiyah Are Pretty Much Experts At Cooking And Baking Masha-Allah, Mum’s Actually Got Her Own Facebook Group And Even Takes Orders For Such Goodies Alhamdulillah :)
Me: Masha-Allah that’s great!
Riaz: In terms of my hobbies now…
Riaz: Studying and Reading (not just educational, but novels and all as wel) has always been my favourite one since I was in primary.
Riaz: Secondarily I’m very keen on designing stuff, and oh ofcourse, one of my FAVOURITE ones, after that studying and reading one maybe, is exercising (working out) and sports Alhamdulillah
Riaz: Was a VERY avid athlete before the injury, obviously, once again, had to cut down on that as the injury ‘progressed’, but over the past year or so, we’ve been building on a daily morning workout routine (my physiotherapist and I) that has grown tremendously since we began, and which now includes exercises, sets, and routines that many physically fit and healthy people even struggle to do, and it’s not only being done as a ‘routine’ on my side every day, I’m doing it as a passion and motivation, to the extent that that’s what I ALWAYS look forward to doing every day when I wake up Alhamdulillah, and because of how much I enjoy it, despite all the pain involved, I now struggle to cope much more throughout a day WITHOUT it than I initially (in the early stages) used to do WITH it, make sense?
Me: Alhumdulilah, Jee that makes sense.
Riaz: Any questions on the hobbies?
Me: Nope… I think you pretty much covered everything Lol.

After reading his lengthy response, I could just imagine that cow Tasneem cackling. So I decided to PVT her before she PVT’d me first.

Me: Shut Up…
Tas: LMAO… What? I didn’t say anything…
Me: You didn’t have to, that’s the beauty of being a best friend. I know what you’re thinking, before you have a chance to say it.
Tas: This time I wasn’t thinking about his essay.
Me: Well it must’ve been something… spit it out.
Tas: Well… I don’t know if you noticed… but at times He Types Like This, With The First Letter Of Every Word In Capital.
Me: Agh Stop it. I actually think it’s a good thing.
Tas: And how exactly is that?
Me: Well… If he ever is kidnapped or something (Allah forbid) and I get a message Not Typed Out Like This, I’ll know something is wrong and will alert the army.
Tas: The ARMY? Lmao You really like this guy don’t you?
Me: How could I not?! He has been reading his salaah since he was 13, he has the ENTIRE Qur’an in his heart, he speaks so many foreign languages, and we have SO much in common it’s unbelievable. It feels so surreal that I’m even having trouble believing that you found him on earth in this day and age. WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS GUY?!
Tas: Mozambique.
Me: Lmao Nemo… I’m serious. I mean, I feel so pathetic next to him.
Tas: What? Why?
Me: For starters, he can speak so many languages and he has so much going for him. I on the other hand can barely speak ONE language other than English.
Tas: Oh don’t put yourself down. Have confidence… I’m sure Riaz will find it HOT when you speak ‘foreign’ to him in your boer accent, “Liefie… kan ek die res van jou kos eet?” (Forgive me… My Afrikaans is rusty). You’ll be charming the food right out of his plate!
Me: OMG! Tas you’re terrible!
Tas: *Evil Laugh*
Me: Lol, But seriously, I’m just trying not to get attached because I feel like whenever I do, it never works out.
Tas: Awww… Whatever Allah wills is what will happen. Relax… Just Take It Easy, One Step At A Time And Everything Will Work Out The Way It’s Supposed To Okay?
Me: NEMO! *Kills you*
Tas: Lmao… I’m kidding!

It was back to business on the group after that pep talk with Tasneem.

Tasneem: I actually got quite a few questions for the two of you…
Tasneem: Sooooo… I’d like to go over them in categories posed at both of you… I know brother Riaz likes ladies to go first. So I’ll ask, Nusaybah answer, Riaz answer, Anything you’ll want to add and then next question. Alright?
Riaz: Sure, Go ahead :)
Me: I hope I don’t regret this… but alright, Shoot!
Tasneem: First question might be silly but I‘d like to cover it, It’s kinda important.
Tasneem: 1. Have you been in a serious relationship before? Meaning like… Maybe engaged or even married before?
Riaz: Never Married Or Engaged.

My heart was pounding here. I just realised that for the first time, I had never thought about Sayfullah during a Samoosa run. Technically, I was never engaged to him… so it doesn’t count right?

Me: Never married or engaged.
Tasneem: Family category…
Tasneem: 2. What is your relationship like with your family?
Me: I’m close to Mum, can talk to her about absolutely anything. In fact I’d say we’re more like best friends now… as for dad and brother we’re not as close as I’d like but I know they always have my back and they know I’m always there for them as well.
Riaz: Very Close On All Sides Alhamdulillah, Was The First Grandson Of The House And Grew Up With My Dad And His 4 Younger Brothers (Youngest Of Who Is Like A Few Years Older Than Me) As Not Only Brothers, But Pretty Much My Best Friends Alhamdulillah, The Brothers Are All Married Now Masha-Allah With Kids, But I’m Still On First-Name Basis With All Of Them Alhamdulillah
Me: Masha-Allah.
Riaz: Dad’s Obviously Grown Older And More Busier, So His ‘Best Friend’ Status Has Now Been Transferred To Mum Lol
Tasneem: 3. What do you expect the relationship of your spouse to be like with your family? Riaz can go first here.
Riaz: So He’s Now More Of Just Mainly A Pillar Of Support To Me If And When I Ever Decide To Disclose Anything To Him That I Feel He Can Help With, Moving On To Number 3, Hmmm…
Riaz: Ok So, First Thing Is Obviously Respect.
Me: Of course totally agree there…
Riaz: When she does, naturally, it’s obviously bound to happen, have any critical judgement and misunderstandings regarding/with any of them, to discuss the situation with me personally and we, together tackle the issue in the best, most Islamic way possible that we both agree upon.
Tasneem: Wow! Good answer… I wish I could rate you’ll s answers like a game show or something…. Nah I’m kidding
Tasneem: And you Nusaybah?
Me: Lol Nemo we are not here to be rated… If we were I think I’d be failing miserably by now.
Tasneem: If you were failing… Riaz would’ve left by now. So no… You’re doing quite well.
Me: I think I’m going to go with his answer there… The best way to solve a conflict, no matter what it’s about, is sitting together and talking about it. It wouldn’t help to be rude and ugly.
Tasneem: 4. Who lives with you at the moment? And are there any plans for anyone else to live there as well in future? (Relatives/tenants etc)
Tasneem: Nusaybah you are up…
Me: Staying with Mum, Dad, big brother (Luqmaan) and sister-in-law (Raeesa) at the moment … I don’t think there’s anyone else coming to stay here .
Riaz: I personally am also staying with my Dad, Mum, and sister, don’t know of any plans about anyone else coming to stay here at any time, unless of course Aafiyah’s hiding something Lol
Me: Lol
Tasneem: Lol ok.. Moving on to friends…
5. Who are your close friends? And how would your relationship be with them after marriage?
Tasneem: Nusaybah you can go first. Pretend I’m not here and answer that one.
Me: Well of course at the top of that list would be my sister Tasneem who isn’t here by the way… sorry sis whether you like it or not, you’ll always be there, next would be my cousin and then my two high school friends. I would love to keep in contact with all of them, visit them if I could but obviously if I’m married then my new family will be priority.
Tasneem: :)
Tasneem: Ok brother Riaz’s turn?
Riaz: I personally have too many close friends to list and enumerate Alhamdulillah, mainly because of my mentality of always trying to leave a lasting positive impression on every person I meet, but I personally can sincerely say that I don’t have any friend close enough to prioritise over my family and my future wife In-sha-Allah
Tasneem: 6. Do you have friends of the opposite gender? And would you allow & respect your spouse to have a say in that?
Tasneem: Nusaybah go first… And in the meantime Riaz can type out his answer so we go faster.
Me: Lol I don’t have male friends … none whatsoever.
Riaz: Believe it or not, I’ve always been VERY shy around the opposite gender, no honestly I swear Lol
Riaz: Never had ANY friends of the opposite gender throughout secondary school Alhamdulillah And I personally can’t even think of any time I had a physical conversation with anyone of the opposite gender as well during my time at secondary.

Perfect! Now I don’t have to be one of those jealous wifeys…

Tasneem: Last question for friends from my list:
7. How do you want your spouse’s relationship to be like with your friends?
Tasneem: And having no relation also is an option btw…
Tasneem: Just saying…So you’ll don’t think I’m forcing the issue of there being a relationship from the way I posed the question.
Riaz: Well I personally really don’t see the need for there to be a chance to have any kind of a relationship with my friends to be honest Lol
Tasneem: Nusaybah?
Tasneem: Cumon Nusi hurry… Im burning with all the questions.
Riaz: I mean I’ve always believed in respecting a person’s privacy in regards to their friendships, and hence I would love for a future wife to enjoy herself with her friends in whatever Halal Way she feels best without me being a concern to worry about.
Me: OK ok sheesh … I agree with him … I don’t think it’s necessary for him to have any form of relationship with my friends.
Tasneem: And say… For whatever reason, Nusaybah has to work with a friend of yours… Like in this case where we just have to talk about work Issues… Your opinion?
Tasneem: Btw… I agree with both of you… Just asking coz Nusaybah… You know I work with Riaz… Kinda… Right?
Me: Jee I know … now see that’s different it’s a work relationship.
Tasneem: Ok so you cool with it… Just want to know if he would be cool with it if it were the other way around? Like if he had a teacher friend teaching at the same school as you?
Riaz: Yhea, that’s a relationship that I feel I would trust a spouse’s knowledge of her Islamic limitations in that regard, and constantly be there for her for whatever help I may be of in such a delicate topic
Tasneem: Ok next question…
Tasneem: Now this is just generally about yourselves…
Tasneem: 8. How do you express your anger and frustration? Are you vulgar?
Me: When I’m angry I’m quiet … sometimes I stress eat … or I even start crying.
Tasneem: Ok Riaz?
Tasneem: Nusaybah… Are you vulgar?
Tasneem: I’ve never heard you swear before… But for Riaz’s sake… Give an honest answer.
Me: No I hate vulgar words hate it … In fact I lose respect for people that use vulgar language.
Me: Lol you know me too well.
Tasneem: Hi 5 for that answer Nusaybah….
Me: *Hi 5*
Riaz: I’ll answer the second part of that question first…
Riaz: I’ve never been known to be a person who uses even the most ‘simple’ of vulgarities in front of anyone Alhamdulillah.
Riaz: Expression of anger and frustration: Always consider the cause for the situation which I’m angry to be my fault, which leads me to the point of being VERY Self-critical by the way.
Tasneem: 9. What is your opinion of languages spoken at home (with friends and relatives) that your spouse may not understand?
Riaz: Wow calm down sister Tasneem lol, no offence meant, but wouldn’t it be better to at least ask between the questions whether the opposite person has a concern regarding each others answers?
Riaz: Especially for Nusaybah because her answers are very much to the point Masha-Allah, and really don’t even need further clarification Masha-Allah, with mine on the other hand, sure she must be having concerns regarding my responses right?
Tasneem: Lol go ahead…
Tasneem: Maaf I can’t stay tooooo long… So I’ll send Nusaybah the rest of my list of questions… So when you’ll ready she can post the next question as you’ll go along.

When I saw that Tasneem’s list of questions were 22 points long, I started feeling nervous about her leaving me to do this on my own. At the same time, I understood that she was with family and that this Samoosa run had already taken up half of her day.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly and then we got to an awkward question…

After marriage, do you think that you are one to express romantic feelings verbally? And what about publicly? (Like holding hands etc)

Riaz: Woah Lol
Riaz: Not complaining though, to be honest, these Questions have been VERY well thought up and are VERY Important Masha-Allah.
Me: Jee jazak-Allah Nemo… Some stuff I never would’ve thought about.
Tasneem: Some stuff? Lol you started off this conversation saying ‘I don’t know where to start’
Tasneem: But anyway… If it makes you’ll feel any better…. I Googled most of the questions and then changed them to make it sound better :)
Me: Lol you just had to remind me about that…
Tasneem: Well if you two actually do decide to marry, you’ll remember that, that was the first thing you ever said to him.
Me: Omg Nemo!!!
Riaz: You two are sooo much like how Aafiyah and I are Masha-Allah Lol
Tasneem: Oops… For a second I forgot that we were in a group.
Tasneem: Let’s get back to the question and pretend that brother Riaz wasn’t here to read that last bit shall we? Proceed with the proceedings…
Me: By the way, playing pretend doesn’t help you know!
Tasneem: Moving on…
Tasneem: Shoosh… He’s giving his answer now… Wait.
Riaz: Ohhk Then, So Lol, About Question Now…
I’m a very strong believer in romance Alhamdulillah, in terms of expressing it in publicly though, in any way that’s Islamically inappropriate and immodest, (Reckon holding hands should be fine right Aapa Tasneem? ) pretty sure Nusaybah will agree as well that that wouldn’t be too practical.
Riaz: Please don’t consider that last part to put you under pressure in any for your answer though Nusaybah, sorry if it came out that way .
Tasneem: Lmao… Yes yes… I give you’ll my blessing to hold hands in public…
Tasneem: I mean after marriage… If you’ll marry… I mean hold hands then… Not now.
Me: Lol not at all I agree completely … I’m all for the romance but holding hands is about as far as I’m willing to go in public.
Me: Lol Tasneem we get you lovey.
Riaz: Yhea Lol, Was Just About To Say That, About The Fact That We Obviously Get What You Meant There Initially . Anyway… Moving On? Or Is There Anything To Discuss?
Tasneem: Wait I object… I want to discuss!!
Me: Lol ok …
Tasneem: Nusaybah… What about locking on his arm in public? No?
Me: Locking on what now?
Riaz: Lol, Locking??
Riaz: Nonetheless, that ‘holding hands’ part was only IF Nusaybah is comfortable with it ofcourse yhea, I wouldn’t want to do it otherwise.
Tasneem: Yeah… Your arm locked on his… Like when people in the movies make an entrance to a ball… Something like that. WHAT were you’ll thinking?
Riaz: Well I did have a bit of an idea as to what you meant, it just SOUNDED awkward Lol, ‘locking on his arm’
Me: Ooooh that… well if he’s comfortable with it then maybe.
Tasneem: And like what if you are standing outside the yard… Which is then called public… And he is off to work or whatever the case… And so no peck on the cheek goodbye? No?
Riaz: Wow Sister Tasneem
Me: Oh my…
Riaz: So Lucky Aafiyah’s Not Asking ME These Kind Of Questions Lol
Riaz: But Yhea Lol, All Eyes On You To Answer The Question Nusaybah, No Pressure .
Tasneem: What? I’m just asking so he knows.
Tasneem: How embarrassing if he thinks it’s cool but then you look at him weirdly and walk away while the neighbours were watching…
Me: Lol oh my word I’m laughing so hard right now.
Tasneem: Stop laughing… This is serious.
Me: Yes Mum …
Me: OK let me answer it with a question of my own … would you want a peck on the cheek?
Tasneem: LMAO! Nice one Nusaybah ;)
Me: Hehe
Riaz: Uhmm Well, Wow, How Do I Answer That Without Sounding Awkward Lol
Tasneem: Shame on you Nusaybah… How can you ask him that?
Me: Maaf maaf
Tasneem: Let’s move along now… Keep it halal.
Riaz: YES! Moving On Alhamdulillah :D
Tasneem: Temptation hmm… This is how it starts…. Say astaghfirullah and post next question… after saying yes or no about whether or not you would allow that in public.
Me: Yes… Next question: Are you a physically or emotionally violent person?
Me: OK … I don’t think so … well definitely not physically… I hate physical violence.
Riaz: Nope Alhamdulillah, That’s A Complete No-No On My Side.
Me: Alhumdulilah
Tasneem: Next question
Me: What do you expect from your spouse financially? (I don’t mean how many diget salary)
Riaz: Correction: Digit* Lol
Me: Lol I’m just copying and pasting here.
Tasneem: ok ok … I was in a hurry ok *blaming the phone for not auto correcting*
Tasneem: Answer now
Me: Who first?
Tasneem: Anyone
Tasneem: I need to start playing a game here… Whoever answers first wins … Lol we have soooo many questions left, I don’t know when we’re going to finish.
Me: Wins what?
Riaz: Yhea, Wins What? Lol
Tasneem: The other ones hand in marriage ROTFL
Riaz: Oh My!
Me: Oh Wow…
Tasneem: I’m kidding, go on…
Tasneem: Where is Aafiyah lmao… I’m sure she would totally join me in this.
Riaz: She’s sitting here catching up with all this right now, laughing her head away in the process lol
Aafiyah: Omg
Aafiyah: I seriously can’t believe this.
Aafiyah: Oh wait
Aafiyah: My internet stopped
Aafiyah: 200
Aafiyah: Sheeeeeez
Tasneem: I blame Riaz and Nusaybah for that one…
Me: Yeah cause we’re the ones talking at a million miles an hour lol
Aafiyah: Sister Tasneem , Honestly, everyone needs a person like you in their life. ROTFL
Me: Lol I’m lucky to have that Tasneem human.
Aafiyah: Might steal her though…
Me: I’m gonna put a tracker on her.You take her you’re getting a me for free.
Aafiyah: 2 in 1… LOVE it!
Tasneem: In that case… Aafiyah Pandor …Would you dare be my friend?
Aafiyah: Always up for a dare ;)
Aafiyah: Bha, Stop getting frustrated at me.
Aafiyah: He’s been typing his message, And been waiting for us to stop talking so he can send it.
Riaz: Ok So, Answer To Question , And No, I’m Not JUST Answering First Because Of The Amazing Prize Lol.
To Be Honest, I Really Feel That She Should Only Earn If She Ever WANTS To, If Not Even Needs To, Especially Because It’s MY Responsibility To Provide And Treat Her Like The Queen A Muslim Wife Is SUPPOSED To Be Treated, Respected, And Appreciated As :)
Tasneem: Oh wow… *applauds*… Nusaybah… Tough one to beat.
Tasneem: Her next message is just going to be, ‘yes I will marry you’.
Me: Oh my word …
Me: Lol Nemo!
Riaz: Oh My Days Lol, Wow, Sister Tasneem/Nemo
Tasneem: Ok I’m joking… Just proceed with the proceedings…
Aafiyah: I KNEW IT!
Aafiyah: I was literally waiting for sister Tasneem’s reply to that.
Tasneem: And Nusaybah and brother Riaz… Maaf we just fooling around… To lighten the mood you know.
Me: We know we know … by the way the reason I’m not replying is because I have no idea how to respond now … everything sort of just flew out of my head.
Tasneem: Right then… It’s settled… Nusaybah said yes. When’s the nikkah?
Tasneem: I’d better be invited… To bless the wedding with my blessings.
Aafiyah: Tasneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem
Riaz: SISTER Tasneeeeem *Can’t watch*
Me: Tasneem!
Tasneem: Bit too much?
Tasneem: Aafiyaaah
Tasneem: Riaaaaaaazzzz
Tasneem: Nusaaaaaaayyybaaaaaah
Riaz: A ‘BIT’ She Said Lol
Tasneem: Now that we are all acquainted… Let’s PROCEED with the PROCEEDINGS!
Tasneem: Nusaybah you were up…
Me: OK! So I would like to continue teaching but it doesn’t necessarily have to be at a school I can tutor or do home schooling as well. .. honestly though if it’s needed I wouldn’t mind working to help out around the house but if he would prefer me being home I’m totally ok with that as well.

Believe it or not, it was already supper time by now, so we decided to take a break just until we were all done eating. Surprise surprise, Tasneem and I spammed the group in the meantime, talking about tea and coffee. Crazy right? It was fun actually.

Once everyone was back, we picked up where we left off, pretending that the 46 message long conversation about tea and coffee never happened…

Tasneem: Ready to proceed?
Me: Ready.
Tasneem: My battery is going to commit suicide just now… So let’s begin to wrap things up…
Tasneem: If Nusaybah was working, would she be allowed to choose where her money goes or?
Me: OK wait before you answer that I want to say something.
Me: Personally I would like to use at least half of the money that I make in the house … The rest either to save for hajj or if we need anything or want something etc
Tasneem: Look at you… Talking like you’ll are already married *raises my eyesbrows suggestively at you*
Me: Lol omg Nemo no I mean in general … gosh now I feel awkward.
Tasneem: I’m joking… Proceed.
Riaz: Lol, I personally feel Half is the absolute MINIMUM you’ll deserve to use In-sha-Allah which basically means you CAN use whatever proportion of not only YOUR money, but ALL the money of the house for whatever wise Halaal cravings/needs you have.
Riaz: Next Question…
Me: How were you disciplined as a child and how would you wish to discipline your children some day?
Riaz: Well Dad has always been very much against beating in any way, mum as well apart from the odd ‘roti stick’ threat and all Lol
Riaz: So Yhea, grew up with dad disciplining as a best friend, with advice, motivation and all, and maximum mum would do is not talk to me for a while, EXTREMELY painful that lol As to how I would wish to discipline children, Basically the same way as mentioned above, as a best friend and older brother, Answer done on my side Alhamdulillah
Me: Ok so Mum used to give us a hiding when we really got out of hand, otherwise she would just give us a talk… Dad never used to get involved unless he had to… I would use a method something like talking sternly etc
Me: One thing I cannot handle is a rude child.
Riaz: Cannot handle?
Me: OK let me rephrase … I dislike it when a child is rude.
Tasneem: Ok Next question…
Tasneem: We almost to the end :D:D:D:D:D:D

We were down to only 3 questions from 22 since the morning. Nobody was happier than Tasneem. You can just imagine how she was after we hit the last question…

Tasneem: For the last question that I’ve been waiting for since 8am this morning….
Tasneem: What do you think the role of a wife (for Riaz)/husband (for Nusaybah) entails in a marriage?
Riaz: Wow, you just had to leave one of the most heaviest one for last didn’t you? *Can’t watch*
Tasneem: It wasn’t on the list… I added it.
Me: That’s my sister for you…
Tasneem: That’s why it ended up at the bottom.
Riaz: Think for that Answer I’ll actually just refer to what I expect of a wife actually if that’s alright…
Riaz: “To Be Not Only A Partner, But A Best Friend Whose Willing To Grow And Improve With Me In Life, Physically, Mentally, And Most Importantly, Spiritually, And Willing To Correct/Address, And Discuss With Me Regarding WHATEVER Faults I May Have, In The Best Ways Possible…”
Riaz: Yes I Had To Scroll ALL The Way Back Up To Copy That Lol
Me: And I’m sure I agreed with that as well…
Tasneem: So if Nusaybah refuses to cook or clean for you… Its ok?
Me: Not that I’d do that …
Riaz: Well I don’t consider it her RESPONSIBILITY to do so, when have you ever heard of Queens cooking and cleaning? Lol
Tasneem: Oooooohhhhh La Lah… Queen Nusaybah *Raises my eyebrows suggestively at Nuaybah once more*
Me: Oh gosh *Embarrassingly Blushing*
Riaz: I never said any names lol
Tasneem: Yeah but you were thinking it.
Tasneem: Help me out here Aafiyah!
Riaz: Lol, ideally she’s asleep now Alhamdulillah, or SHOULD be at least.
Tasneem: I hope her phone is on silent… The two of you (Nusaybah and Riaz) … Talk too much!
Riaz: WE Talk Too Much, Wow Lol
Me: Lol yup WE do apparently…
Tasneem: Stop ganging on me you two… With those capitalised words like I don’t know what you’ll are implying.
Riaz: I wish there was a way to count who’s sent the most messages here, can absolutely GUARANTEE it’ll turn out to be Sister Tasneem Lol
Tasneem: When there are no more questions… You’ll reply like lightning… Ai yai yai
Tasneem: Anything you’ll would like to ask further? Or have we covered all topics?
Me: Nope, I think we’re done… Riaz?
Riaz: Yep.
Tasneem: Wow, I think that was the shortest answer brother Riaz has given throughout this whole procedure *shocked* Anyway… Since we’re done here… Someone save this conversation to show it to the princes and princesses some day on how ‘the king and queen met’
Tasneem: Tell it to them like a bedtime story…
Riaz: Oh my word… Uhmm Yhea, that’s it, just Oh My Word on my part *Can’t watch*
Me: I don’t know how many more times I need to say this… NEMO!!
Riaz: Ok, Suggested Way Forward?
Tasneem: I suggest…
Riaz: What I recommend is now discussing all of these questions with our parents and adjourning tomorrow to discuss their BIGGEST concerns about them all, that make sense?
Tasneem: After saving this conversation…
Tasneem: Discuss with parents
Tasneem: Yeah… What he said
Riaz: Ok Cool, That’s That Alhamdulillah :)
Tasneem: ALHUMDULILAH!!!!!!!!
Riaz: Only 8 Exclamation Marks? Lol
Me: Alright … alhumdulilah. .. now Nemo before you murder me with whatsapp messages I’ll only be able to talk to Mum when I get home tomorrow from school.
Tasneem: It’s finally over… Gosh… I’m not doing this again… I’m just going to compile a book of premarital questions for your spouse to be… And hand them out.
Me: Lol thank gosh I didn’t have to fill that in … well not in paper anyway.
Riaz: Wow, filling it out on paper would have been a NIGHTMARE with my kind of Answers lol
Me: Lol they’re good answers though
Tasneem: Riaz would’ve been ruling extra lines for himself and squeezing words in.
Riaz: Lol,Ok May I Take Permission To Retire To Bed Now Y’all Royal Sistersess? Lol
Me: I’m dying to get into bed myself …
Tasneem: Ok Assalaamu-Alaikum-Wa-Rahmatulahi-Wa-Barakaatu
Tasneem: Night night
Tasneem: I just thought of one more thing… Lmao
Riaz: No Way
Me: Sleep tight! Sweet dreams Wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatulahi wa barakaatu
Me: Lol oh my word
Tasneem: Relax… I was just going to say…
Tasneem: I think you guys make a good match…
Riaz: Awww Masha-Allah, And On That Note, I’ll Leave You Two ‘To It’ Lol, Assalamu-Alaikum-Wa-Rahmatullahi-Wa-Barakaatu :)
Tasneem: Wa-Alaikum-Salaam-Wa-Rahmatulahi-Wa-Barakaatu
Me: Wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatulahi wa barakaatu

And that’s the story of the oddest, most sweetest Samoosa Run I’ve ever had Sadeekun. I actually thought it went really well. I sat up for a while after this, just rereading some of his answers. Riaz and I seem to have the same opinions on every question Tasneem threw at us. I could feel butterflies fluttering in my tummy at times and then suddenly they would turn into knots when I thought to myself, “Thanks to Tasneem, I know what my first words to Riaz were, but what if my reply to his salaam are the very last?”

Just as I pressed the back button on my screen to exit Whatsaap, I noticed that there was an unread message sent from Aafiyah. Earlier on she had messaged me privately to ask for a picture of myself. I sent it to her without asking for one in return. She did send me a picture of herself on her own though, which I had seen. What I didn’t see though was that she also had sent me one more picture. I hit the download button on the blurry file and my tummy was filled with butterflies once more…

It was her brother… Riaz. I couldn’t believe I missed this. There he was, looking back at me with his hazel brown eyes. It stood out even more because of the black Surma underneath which outlined them perfectly. I’ve always thought that Surma made men look stronger and more attractive. After all, it IS sunnah. He also had longish hair that fell behind his ears which suited the shape of his face and his fair complexion. After a minute I realised that looking this hard was surely unislamic. I quickly closed the picture and put away my phone. Suddenly everything all hit me at once. Seeing his face just made everything feel more real. I’ve never come across a better suitor than him… If this doesn’t work out, I really don’t know how I would handle it.

Of course, Allah knows best. All I can do now is make dua and hope for the best when I speak to Mum tomorrow after school.


>>> Author’s note: Please note that the surname choice for the characters wasn’t something I researched deep into. I didn’t feel it was necessary to point out any specific name or highlight any specific family name/reputation with the characters of this story being fictional. The reason I thought I’d mention that is so that nobody starts marrying their daughters off to every Pandor they find after reading Riaz’s description Lol. I hope you guys are enjoying this series… Please feel free to speak your mind on any suggestions you feel would improve your reading experience.

“Women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity “(Quran 24:26)

Allah says: “And marry the unmarried among you and the righteous among your male slaves and female slaves. If they should be poor, Allah will enrich them from His bounty, and Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.” [An-Nur 24:32]

“And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him a way out (2) And will provide for him from where he does not expect.” [At-Talaq 65: 2-3]

Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, recommended:
“When one of you seeks a woman in marriage, and then if he is able to have a look at whom he wishes to marry, let him do so”. (Abu Dawood)

Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, instructed:
“No man has the right to be in the privacy with a woman who is not lawful for him. Satan is their third party unless there is a mahram”. (Ahmad)

StaY tUneD tO SeE How ThiS TurNs OuT In-Sha-Allah<<<


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