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Habibi Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

The feeling of waking up to the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks was amazing! I didn’t think that it was possible for me to live this lifestyle in my lifetime, but look at me now. I turned over onto my side and smiled as I gently touched the pillow next to me, imagining Naseerah smiling back at me.

After Nusaybah stomped on me and made me feel like a low-life who couldn’t live up to her standards, Naseerah made me truly realise my worth and turned me into a man. She believed in me when nobody else did and she pushed me to achieve my goals, and now that I am successful, it’s only fair that she gets a share in it. Now that my place is sorted out, I planned on asking her father for her hand in marriage, tonight. I even had to have him fit me into his schedule so that I could see him tonight.

I started off my morning routine stretching and getting up lazily, strolling to the bathroom to have some alone time with my most faithful servant who kisses my butt everyday to make me feel better, the gleaming white bowl of relief. As the cold pan sent shivers up my spine, I whipped out my phone to check all my notifications. I had a lot to go through because I was now quite popular on social media. To be honest, I started being more active on my social platforms by putting up pictures and commenting on peoples posts with the hope that Nusaybah would see it and burn. I’m not one for revenge, but I sure do want her to see that she threw away a precious stone, thinking it was a rock.

As much as it pained losing Nusaybah, maybe it was a good thing. I’m living the fast life now and I need someone who can keep up. Naseerah is perfect. As a bonus, her father is loaded and has connections I could use for future ventures.

I scrolled down my Facebook feeds slowly, checking out what everyone had been up to. As I scrolled further, Zaid’s name popped up with a huge picture with writing on it. I usually enjoyed reading those photo sayings, but this one made me suck in a breath and scroll down faster.


I made a mental note to block Zaid’s feeds in future. That guy ALWAYS shares Islamic posts and it always ends up right on my screen when I’m in the toilet, making me go numb inside for a second, knowing how wrong it was. I felt so guilty that I even put my phone away. Even though the picture was out of sight, it made me think…

What was I really marrying Naseerah for?
Was it her wealth? -Not really. I’m not interested in her father’s fortune. After all, he has two sons to give it to, I doubt my wife will get much after her brothers are done with it. But then again, would it hurt to have a wife who was loaded?
Her beauty? -She was no bombshell, but she was easy on the eyes.
Her family status? -Well.. Hmmm… Maybe a tad bit. But what’s the harm in that?
Or her religion? -She was pious… Kind of. She wore hijaab and said ‘Jee’ instead of ‘Ok’ and ‘yes’ out of respect. She even read Salaah more than I did.

I came to the conclusion that it was maybe a bit of everything.

After doing the famous three ‘S’s (Shit, Shave and Shampoo), I put on my pathetic uniform and got ready for work. Although I had great bosses, I was tired of working for someone, I wanted to be my own boss, especially so that I wouldn’t have to wear sucky uniforms with someone else’s success printed on it.

Hopping into my BM, I looked at my hair one last time in the rearview mirror to make sure the spikes were still spiky. I picked up Zaid on the way to work. “Assalaamu-Alaikum-Wa-Rahmatulah.”, he greeted, getting in.
“Howzit?”, I bobbed my head
“And now?”, he raised an eyebrow.
“Now what?”, I looked at him and looked back at the road.
“One of the rights of a Muslim on his brother is that he return his greeting.”, Zaid told me.

“When you are greeted with a greeting, greet in return with what is better than it, or (at least) return it equally. Certainly, God is Ever a Careful Account Taker of all things.” (Quran 4:86)

“Ah so early with the bayaans Zaid?” I brushed it off, he shook his head in disappointment.
“Ok fine sho. Wa alaikum salaam.” I told him, rolling my eyes. Zaid was so demanding sometimes, he can behave worse than a wife at times.

Zaid didn’t look too happy but he didn’t say anything. “How about some tunes to get us pumped for work huh?”, I hit play on track 6 and bobbed my head to the beat, letting it take over my emotions and get me into the mood.
“Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah”, I could see Zaid chanting with his eyes shut.
“Oh loosen up man.”, I shook him by the shoulder.
Zaid slammed the off button and looked at me sternly, “When are you ever going to learn Sayfullah?! I’m so tired of watching you waste your life away.”

What was his problem? I didn’t do anything to him. What I do in my life is my problem, I didn’t get what he was getting so worked up about.

“Wasting it? What are you talking about? I’ve finally started making a life for myself and you can’t even be happy for me.”, I told him, frowning to show my frustration.
“You call this a life? All this doesn’t last forever boet. It’s more of an illusion and when the smoke clears and you finally realise you were being fooled the whole time, it will be too late.”, he turned his head and looked out the window.

“Know that the life of the world is merely a game and a diversion and ostentation, and a cause of boasting among yourselves and tryintg to outdo one another in wealth and children, like the plant-growth after rain, which delights the cultivators. But then it withers, you see it turning yellow, and then it becomes broken stubble. In the hereafter there is terrible punishment, but also forgiveness from Allah and His good pleasure. The life of the world is nothing but the enjoyment of delusion.” (Quran Surat al-Hadid, 20)

“Yet still you prefer the life of the world, when the hereafter is better and longer lasting.” (Surat al-A’la, 16-17)

I sat in silence, thinking. What was so bad about wanting to live comfortably in this temporary life as well as in the hereafter? I don’t want to struggle all my life. My parents tried their best to give me a good childhood but I want more for my own children someday. I don’t want them to have to suffer the way I did. For a long time we didn’t even own a car and I had to start working from young in order to have the things my friends had.

I snapped out from my thoughts when we entered the work premises and the security guard handed me the sheet to sign. Zaid didn’t say much all day, but I knew he’ll be cool by tomorrow. Besides, I had bigger things to worry about. I was going to meet Naseerah’s Dad for the first time and hopefully ask him for his hand in marriage- I mean his daughter’s hand in marriage. Oh Sadeekun, The nerves were already kicking in.

After work I got changed into something a little more classy. I went for the young businessman look, but a less formal one, more like a modern one. My dark blue skinny jeans sat perfectly on my shoes. It was more of a narrow cut, not those very skinny ones. I wasn’t a fan off squeezing my foot through a leg hole so that I could put on a second skin. Not to mention how hard it would be to go take a dump.

I tucked in my shirt and threw on my waistcoat, looking at myself in the gigantic mirror at my flats entrance hallway. “Hmmm… Up.. Or.. Or down.” I asked myself, trying to decide which way looked better. Eventually I decided to go with having my sleeves folded up. It made me look more macho and it suited the whole look I was going for.

I pulled up at Naseerah’s house. It was nothing short of amazing. They were rich and they had everything they could ever want and more. “One day…”, I told myself. I want a palace of my own some day.

I stood at the door and pressed the bell, trying to shake off my nervousness. The good thing about doing business with a businessman, is that confidence sells all. This was going to be a piece of cake. The last time I went to ask for a hand in marriage, I was treated anyhow, but not this time. I knew my worth this time.

Naseerah’s younger brother Iqbal, came to the door. “Howzit boet?”, he grabbed my hand and shoulder bumped me. “Leka leka… Where’s your Sissie?”, I asked him, wanting to see her reaction when she saw me. After all, I wore a tie for her!
“She’s getting ready, she’ll be down anytime now… Hopefully.” He chuckled devilishly, gesturing for me to have a seat in the lounge.

Naseerah’s father walked in and greeted with Salaam. “Wa-Alaikum-Salaam-Wa-Rahmatulahi-Wa-Barakaatu. How are you Uncle Ismail?”, I got up and made sure to shake his hand firmly while looking him in the eye to show him I meant business. “Alhumdulilah. Can’t complain. So… You want to eat first or talk?”, he asked me.
“Your choice. Anything is fine with me.”
“Shazia! We’ll have supper now.” He ordered his wife.

Just as we were being seated at the table, Naseerah walked into the room, making me stand right back up immediately.
“Woah uh… Uhm… Let me get that for you.” I said, pulling out her chair to seat her.
“Mm… I’m impressed already.” Her mother said.
“What can I say. My mother raised a gentleman.” I hit her back with a smirk.

Naseerah’s family were cool, down to earth kind of people. They laughed at my jokes and made me feel like I was already a part of their family. What I liked the most though, was that Uncle Ismail wasn’t interested in my past or even my present, all he wanted to know about was what my plans were for the future… So unlike other people.

“Well… I just recently moved into a flat by the beach. It’s been a dream of mine to live there ever since I got a taste of Durban. For now I’m renting but I’m definitely planning on owning it some day. I don’t want to stop there though, maybe I’ll have a whole block of flats to my name by the time I’m ready to retire early. Property is the way to go.” I told him.
“I like your ambition. See Uzair, you need to be more like this guy right here.” He chuckled, grabbing my shoulder and looking at his elder son.

Uzair seemed way different to when I saw him last at Maami’s house. He was more reserved, not saying much and it was like his mind was somewhere else. He couldn’t care less about the fact that his father just put him down in front of me and his whole family. I looked at Naseerah to get some clue as to why the two of them were giving each other looks. She gave her head a slight shake to say just don’t worry about it.

When supper was over, Uncle Ismail and I sat in the lounge while the maid cleaned up and Aunty Shazia and Naseerah got desert ready. Uzair said he was leaving for Salaah and Iqbal had one of his friends over to entertain, so he went to his room. Uncle Ismail pulled out his pack of cigarettes and offered me one but I declined. “Oh cumon now. You can’t tell me you’ve never puffed one before. You youngsters know more about these things than we do. What do you smoke? The good stuff or the green stuff?”, he told me.
Remembering how things turned out the last time I didn’t tell the truth straight out, I thought I would give him the what-you-see-is-what-you-get deluxe meal.
“I’ve only tried the green stuff once but it was because my friends tricked me into it. I used to smoke cigs but I stopped.”
“Friends can either make you or break you my boy.”
“Jee… I learnt that the hard way.”
“Anyway, A cigarette every once in a while won’t kill you. Have one.” he insisted.

I reluctantly took one just to be polite. He pulled out his lighter and lit his cigarette before handing it to me to light mine.
“I want you to be yourself around me.”, he said, taking in the smoke to his lungs and blowing out like a dragon.

“Now tell me boy… What’s on your mind?”, he got straight to the point.
“Well… I’ve been working hard to get to where I am right now in life and I feel that Naseerah played a big role in it. And I’d like for her to share in my success. I’d like to ask you for your daughter’s hand in marriage.” I told him, trying not to sound too jittery.
“What makes you think you’re a good match for my daughter? Anything you can buy her, I can buy 10 times more.”, he let out another puff.
“I understand, but it’s more than that. I feel like I can understand her on a whole new level. She makes me feel lucky to be with her and I truly feel I can make her happy.”

Uncle Ismail was silent for a while. It made me even more nervous but I guess whatever he had to say wouldn’t have been as bad as Nusaybah’s father.

“It’s hard to keep a woman happy, trust me, I know. I’ve been married for over 23 years. But Ok… If you think you’ve got what it takes, let’s put you to the test.”

I leaned forward, eager to hear what he had to say. He was challenging my manhood and I was willing to knock whatever he threw at me, right out of the park.

Naseerah and her Mum walked in with some fancy dressed ice cream just when he was about to go on. I tried not to pay any attention to them even though I felt a little uneasy that he was challenging me in front of the women of the house.

He leaned forward, “I’ve just bought a property not too far from where you live. I’ll give you a budget and 8 months, let’s see what you can do with the place. Any extra bucks you make off the property aside from my small percentage in the meantime, you can keep. You’ve got drive… Let’s see how business savvy you can be. If you can make a success of this, you have my blessing on you’lls marriage.”, He told me before reclining back into his comfortable chair.

This meant I’d have to quit my stable job in order to work on a property that may or may not turn out into a success which will influence the outcome on whether or not I get married to a woman I may or may not be able to support in future. This man was good… There was a 50/50 chance that I could lose everything I’ve built for myself thus far.

Before I could respond, Naseerah jumped in. “How can you do this Papa? I’m not one of your business transactions.” She yelled.
“What are you getting angry for? I’m securing your future.”
“No! I know exactly what you are doing! You don’t even give a damn about my future! You’re just so damn selfish!”, she stomped her foot.
“Watch what comes out of your mouth young lady.” He got up and slapped her. The look he gave her was enough to send her off crying out the room.

I sat there awkwardly not knowing what to do. Naseerah’s Mum ran after her and her father just strolled on over to the window, still puffing away. “So do we have a deal?”, he asked, turning around to look at me. Whatever was going on, I was now determined more than ever to get Naseerah out of this place and give her a happy life. All of my fears flew out the window the minute he laid his hand on her. No woman deserves to be hit …EVER! I’ve heard lots about the way her father treats her, not actually believing it until now. I thought she was just behaving like a typical princess who was locked away in a tower by her Dad.

I looked him in the eye, put my hand forward to shake his hand, and said: “We certainly do…”


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And Muslim (2162) narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “The rights of one Muslim over another are six.” It was said: What are they, O Messenger of Allaah? He said: “If you meet him, greet him with salaam; if he invites you, accept the invitation; if he asks for advice, give him sincere advice; if he sneezes and praises Allaah, say Yarhamuk Allaah (may Allaah have mercy on you); if he falls sick, visit him; and if he dies, attend his funeral.”

The Qur’aan enjoins good treatment of one’s wife: she is to be honoured and treated kindly, even when one no longer feels love in one’s heart towards her. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“and live with them honourably. If you dislike them, it may be that you dislike a thing and Allaah brings through it a great deal of good”

[al-Nisa’ 4:19]

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) enjoined kind treatment and honouring of one’s wife, and he described the best of people as those who are best to their wives. He said: “The best of you are those who are the best to their wives, and I am the best of you to my wives.” Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 3895; Ibn Maajah, 1977; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Tirmidhi.

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