NOTICE: BBM audience here we come!


Alhumdulilah we have great news for those who follow the CII Youth production blog series [The Diary Of A Sinner] and who are on BBM. A BBM channel has just been opened up to let you guys know of new posts from #TDOAS via your BBM Feeds.

All you have to do is search BBM channel Pin – C001EFB0F under the ‘Channels’ tab on your BBM. You could just search ‘The Diary Of A Sinner’ and that would work too. Be sure that you have the latest version of BBM that supports Channels. When you find the channel, join to subscribe and ensure getting updates.

Get adding!
-Admin Ebi

#BBMchannel #OnBBM


3 thoughts on “NOTICE: BBM audience here we come!

  1. Slms..when are we getting the eagerly awaited post??😊
    Please try posting daily and a bit longer posts. Jazakallah khair 😘


  2. Wa-Alaikum-Salaam-Wa-Rahmatulahi-Wa-Barakaatu…. Hopefully tomorrow In-Sha-Allah… Taking off on weekends for family…. But promise this season will In-Sha-Allah be worth it…. Lots planned for this seasn


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