15#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER – Season 4]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

I woke up this morning to the sound of my alarm ringing. With my eyes still shut I felt for my phone that was on the bed somewhere and hit the ‘dismiss’ button. After placing my feet down, I yawned and rubbed my head on the way to the bathroom. My eyes were barely open, you could say they were still dreamy…
And then it happened…
*BAM* *CRIch* *PaaRr* *POOM*
You may now kiss the floor!

“SHAUN!!!” I yelled as I got up and pulled his blanket off him. “How many times must I tell you to put this away?!” I threw his bag at him. He got up in a shock and put his hands in the air, “I didn’t do it! I swear!” he yelled in horror. “I know you didn’t do it you idiot. THAT’S THE PROBLEM!”, I pointed to all his things stilll laying on the floor. When he realised it was just me and that it was a bag that I threw at him, he swore, pulled back his blanket and went straight back to sleep. I was furious!!! This guy needed to be taught a lesson! But how? When my butt touched the toilet pan, the ideas came flooding in like pixie dust. After I got dressed Shaun finally woke up. “Dude I’m giving you until I get back home to pick all your stuff up and put it in it’s place. Anything that happens to anything out of place will be your own fault” I warned. “Yeah man wharreva” he brushed it off. He’s in for it now…

As I left the hotel room, Zaid stopped me. He asked if I could give him a lift. “Sure thing, I just got one stop to make before we go, if you don’t mind” I replied. “Yeah no problem” Zaid said. We made some small talk on the way. He seems like a very nice guy. He even came with me into the store and insisted on carting the basket. It kinda felt weird having someone follow me around but I guess I’d better get used to it coz soon I’ll have Nusaybah by my side In-Sha-Allah. Zaid is from Pakistaan, but you’d never say. He moved here to stay with his elder brother when he was 18 and he speaks exactly like us South Africans. It was sort of a long drive to work so we started asking eachother questions about everything from work to family. “My brother went back to Pakistaan to sort out a quarrel over who owned what share of the land. He was supposed to come back in a week. My sister-in-law and my nephew stayed behind with me. Although she is my age, she is more like a mother to me. She would cook and pack lunch for all of us. I’m so grateful to her for what she has done for me. Seeing to a house with 2 men and a little boy, all by yourself, isn’t easy. But not once  did she complain.” he said before looking down and continuing, “My brother never came back. They said there was a bombing and he was missing, presumed dead. There was no body found so we couldn’t even perform janazah salaah. It was a dreadful year of waiting. My sister-in-law lived with the hope of him coming back. After the one year had passed and there still being no sign of my brother, the Ulema met and declared her marriage as over. Then only could she begin her iddat. I have such a heavy heart knowing what she has been through. Now that there is a man interested in her hand in marriage, I am torn. Do I give her away so that she can be happy or do I refuse in hope that my brother does return.”. I didn’t know what to say. I stammered for a bit before he realised I was struggling to find words. “I think this is the place” he said, changing the subject. As we got out of the car he walked over to my side and said, “I really needed to talk to someone to get this off my chest. You looked like a person I could trust. Please make me maaf if I overstepped.”. I assured him that it was ok and that I wouldn’t tell a soul. I am a man of my word… you don’t count do you Sadeekun?

When we got inside we were met by the contractors. They said they had been waiting for over an hour for the manager but nobody showed up. We weren’t allowed to do anything without him there. Shaun, Keegan and the rest of the guys finally came, but we were all left hanging around, talking. After speaking to Zaid I realised that even though I knew all of these guys, I didn’t REALLY know them at all. Eventually they spoke about all the mischief they got up to lastnight. Just hearing the word ‘booze’ made me want to puke. Sadeekun, NO ONE will ever really know how much that night at Lugs has affected my life. I pulled out from the circle and went back to my car.

I didn’t think anyone had noticed until I heard shoes trample on the gravel behind me. “Seems like I’m not the only one with something heavy on the heart.” Zaid said. I turned around and smiled, “What do you mean?” “Everytime they talk about Lugs you go pale. Something you’d like to share?” he replied. I shook my head, “It’s nothing serious.” “Wateva it is, I learnt that in life it’s easier to face it rather than letting it chase you forever.”, he advised, and wisely so.  It got me thinking…

I phoned Asghar and told him I’d be coming over for supper. We were sent home after 3 hours of waiting. Apparently the guy wasn’t even in Durban yet. When I got back to the hotel to change out of my uniform, I saw Shaun’s things still spilt all over the floor. I finally had enough!! I grabbed the cling wrap and thick tape I bought this morning and started off by cling-wrapping all his bags individually, and then together. I was far from done. I taped everything together and then put it on his bed and cling-wrapped all of that to his matteress. And for the finishing touch, I taped two rounds off tape over the cling-wrapped mattress. It took me almost an hour to get it done, but if it worked, it’d all be worth my time. Before I left, I wrote a small note:

“Dear Shaun, I warned you. Now everytime you want something, you’ll have to go through this.


PS: Don’t bother looking for scissors or knives, I took them all and put them in my car!

I felt so good when I left. I could probably win the prize for best artwork of the year.

When I got to Maami’s house, she was over the moon! She couldn’t believe how much I had changed in two years. “After Asghar got married I had to stop my match making. I’m so excited you’re here! I’ll find one nice girl for you!” Maami clapped her hands excitedly. Even though I’m sure Maami didn’t mean it in a bad way, I  felt bad for Maimoonah. She didn’t look too happy about that comment. I just laughed, I knew Maami couldn’t get me to like anyone coz I had already given my heart to Nusaybah. The only reason why I didn’t mention her was because Nusaybah made me swear not to tell anybody about us until everything was finalised.

Maami had lots to talk about. Apparently, “Being a grandmother is the greatest feeling in the world. You get to enjoy having a child and when things get tough, you can just give them back to their parents.”. Maami updated me about everyone and what they were up to, from Aneesa to her neighbour’s nephew’s wife’s mother’s neighbour. Lol it felt like I had been gone for 20 years instead of 2.

When Asghar came home, we all had supper. Halfway through, Mamoo jokingly asked me how my jinn was. Everyone laughed, even Maimoonah. I smiled but felt horrible. I hated thinking about it! I hated talking about it! I even hated that I could remember it! But then again, I hated that I couldn’t remember it even more. When we were done, Asghar suggested we go for a cycle. He says that Maimoonah and him go riding after supper everyday to keep in shape. In this household,  supper is at 5pm, so by the time they get back from their cycle, there’s still time to get ready for Maghrib.

“I can see that something is worrying you. Talk to me…” Asghar said. “I need to know what happened that night, it’s been haunting me ever since”, I confessed. Asghar looked at me, “Boy you don’t have…” “I do have to!! I do have to! I need to know!”, I yelled, before letting him finish what he wanted to say. He nodded and agreed very grudgingly to help, “I didn’t want to rifle up anything from the past, but ok. I’ll see what  I can get. If I get any  answers I’ll be sure to pop by the pozie.”. The thought that there was even a slight chance of me getting any answers, made me feel great!

When I got home I stood at the entrance of my door as I watched Shaun go up in flames with anger. “Bra! How could you do this?? Neh mehn… Now I have no underware for  tonight’s party! Or even for work tomorrow… Neh mehn bra. Even the shops are closed now so I can’t even buy new ones now!” Shaun complained. Shame bichara, I just shrugged and said “Go commando if you have to bra, aint helping you here, I warned ya.” I was shocked that he even took that as a suggestion instead of just agreeing to put his things away. This guy is really the laziest of the lazy.

Anyway, make dua I get answers soon Sadeekun. Check ya!


>>>loNgeR poSt Than UsuAl fOr the lOng wAit!

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2 thoughts on “15#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER – Season 4]

  1. ooooh go sayf! go sayf! go go go sayf!! lol lol nice one! but yoh shaun is lazy. can’t believe he would rather go underwareless instead of just unpacking!

    @admin, am i on the top comment list yet? I sooo would love to win the 1st copy of your published book


  2. please where’s next post?? im so addicted that the wait is killing. it feels like forever!

    keep up the great work! just please post more often!

    still love this blog though!!


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