13#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER – Season 4]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

Although not hearing from Nusaybah was depressing, I had to get back to work. I guess it was better being at work and having my mind kept occupied. “Ekse! boss man wants you in his office…”, Usmaan yelled from upstairs. With me being in a dwaal all the time, I could”ve easily made a small mistake that could’ve costed the company thousands! I won’t lie, I was skrik!! I walked into the big boss’s office like a school boy walking into the principle’s office. “Have a seat”, he said. The lines on his forehead were part of his natural normal look, but it made him look as if he was angry-like. “No no, I’m fine standing. Please don’t fire me!”, I blurted out like an idiot! He chuckled, “I’m not firing you my brother”, he was old enough to be my big uncle yet he was calling me his brother. “Alhumdulilah, with the Qudrat of The Almighty Allah, our factory is doing very well and it is now feasible to move to a bigger one in Durban”, he leaned back, “And so I need to put together a team to send there to start it up”, he said, raising an eyebrow. “Soooo… You… Want… Me… Tooo? Find out who wants to go?”, I asked, confused. He chuckled again, “No man! I’m transferring you. You will do what you do here, but in Durban. We’ll pay for the team’s accomodation for 2 months, after which you’ll will have to find other accomodation. Up for it?”, he asked. “Definitely! I mean ofcourse…”,  I said, still in shock that I was picked to be transferred even though I had just only started out at the company a short while ago.

When I got home and told Umi, I expected her to be sad that I’d be leaving, but no, “That’s wonderful Sayfullah! When are you leaving?”, she asked all excited. “On Thursday”, I answered, trying to sound sad so she might even feel a little bad. “Oh well… I’ll have your things ready and packed and waiting by tomorrow”, she said as she wrote out a list of things she’d need to pack for me. It seemed as if, if I’d told her I was leaving in the next hour, she would’ve been the happiest! “Ah Ma! Really?? You want me gone that bad??”, I asked, heartbroken. “Oh no no son. Just that this couldn’t have come at a better time. Your Maami should’ve asked for something else coz she just asked me this morning to send you to stay with her.”, she replied. “Umi no. It’ll be so awkward there. Before Asghar was married it was fun. But now with Maimoonah all over the place… Eyh. So I decided that I’ll be looking for my own place to stay.”, I said. Umi didn’t look too pleased. “PLUS with this time with Nusaybah away, it’s perfect for me to get a place together and prep it up for marriage”, I added.

Umi’s reaction wasn’t what I’d expected. She agreed and encouraged me more, saying it was time to set up for a bride. BUT she insisted that she and Abbu move up too “to be closer to family”. She even started planning how she’d do up my room! I didn’t give her a definite answer. Instead I rubbed the back of my head and pretended to be too busy watching soccer. Having Umi and Abbu in the next room while Nusaybah and I are still in honeymoon mode isn’t exactly a perfect picture. I can only hope she’ll forget about that idea.

Later on, I recieved a phone call I really didn’t expect. My heart dropped when I heard the sweet voice on the other end of the line. “Mum! How are you?! I miss you terribly!”, Nusaybah said, pretending to be speaking to someone else, probably since there was someone around. “I’m okay bheti and how are you ma? How are things there?”, I teased. She giggled, “oh everything’s fine Mum. It’s been interesting, I didn’t know Dadi had a dark side”, she replied, I could hear her Dadi scolding in the background. “I can’t talk too long coz Dadi is going ballistic and I have to go give the kids a bath just now too.”, she sighed, I felt so sorry for her. Knowing that she was doing all this for me, just made me love her even more. “I have some great news! I’m being transferred to Durban. Not only will I be closer to where your parents live than I am now, but I’ll be preping our new home too. I’ll be staying with a few guys at first though.”, I told her. “Oh… wow… uhm… that’s amazing, I guess.”, she didn’t sound too happy. Infact, she didn’t sound happy at all. “What’s wrong Nusaybah? I can hear it in your voice.”, I asked irritably. Here I was, working my butt off for a life together with her and she couldn’t even be supportive or AT LEAST happy for me! “Nothing… well… eyh it’s nothing.”, she said, then tried changing the subject to “What you cooked today Mum?”.”‘Scrambled brains’, compliments of Nusaybah.  With a dip called, ‘drivn mi nuts’. Thought I’d make a side dish called, ‘Tela da-trutho’! What do ya think?”, I said sarcastically. Knowing her, she probably rolled her eyes before continuing, “I’m scared that I’m fighting dragons for nothing. It feels like one’s gonna blow in my face soon and my happily ever after will be; watching dragons say “I told you so”, while my prince runs into the sunset with someone else.”, she finally confessed her feelings. “That’s not how the story goes woman! Since he’s the prince, he can have two wives.”, I joked. She didn’t find it funny AT ALL. She would’ve hung up if I hadn’t apologised right then. “What makes you think you’ll lose me pup? I PROMISE YOU that you’re the only one I want to marry and the only one I’m waiting  for.”, I assured her. She eased up a little but made me swear not to “Taste, look or feel” the fruit at the beach. “I hear it’s poisonous.”, she added. “I met Sameer by the way”, I said randomly. “You WHAT?! How?… When??”, she yelled. From there I regretted ever opening my mouth. I thought she’d think it was so romantic that I drove ALL that way to look for her and make sure she was ok, but no, instead she argued, said she had to go and that she’d talk to me later, then cut the call.

I really don’t understand women Sadeekun. It’s frustrating trying to figure them out! One minute they are loving you for everything, and the next they are taking the air you breathe. I missed Maghrib already, waiting for her to phone back but she didn’t. I’m off to Irfaan’s house Sadeekun. I need to cool off. cya.


>>>SouNds LikE nUsaYbah Has SomE iSsuEs…

When the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to receive pleasant news, he (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) would say: “al-ḥamdu lillaahil-ladhee bi ni‛matihi tatimmuṣ-ṣaaliḥaat”

Translation: “All Praise is for Allah by whose favor good works are accomplished.”  [Ibn Majah No# 3803]

“I have not left behind any fitnah more harmful to men than women.” [Saheeh – agreed

NB: So men are distracted by women, and it is not that it is all the fault of the women, but that they are such that men are distracted by them. So a man may leave obligations or recommended acts because of his being distracted by a woman,
either in general or in specific terms. It could be that he spends more “quality” time (as they say) in devotion to his wife, when he could be performing more acts of worship, spending
more “quality” time in the devotion to his Lord. Or it could be that he is influenced by her to make certain decisions that are not best for his religion.

StaY TunEd FoR moRe<<<



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  1. hmmmm……he’s so gonna find out about nusaybah’s firecracker past! maybe even find him a partner the halaal way ;)


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