18#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 2]

{A CIIYF Production}

Habibi Sadeekun… (Beloved Friend)

We stood around on campus today, enjoying each other’s company. We laughed and joked and after a while, we boys decided to take a walk to the car… maybe to go get something to eat. We WERE feeling a bit of a pinch in our tummies.

As we passed a certain group of Indians, Yusuf and Zubair said they’d be back in 5 minutes, broke free from us and walked on over to that group. Ahmed pulled me and told me from the side of his mouth to act cool and to just keep walking. I didn’t understand what the big deal was. We could’ve just gone with and waited for them, that’s what we normally do.

When we got to Yusuf’s car, we stood around waiting for him to come. “Ekse, what’s the problem with standing there?”, I asked quite confused. “Ey bra, you don’t want to mix with that crowd”, Ahmed replied, shaking his head from side to side as he leaned back against the car and folded his arms. “Why? Who are they?”, I asked, wanting to learn more about how things work around here. “Those are the ‘MILKYLANES’, you saw them… all fair and white white with their noses stuck in the air. Girls with the tight tight jeans who think that just because they wear scarf to campus it’s ok and that, that makes them ‘holier’ than the rest.”, Ahmed replied with a funny look on his face that just made me laugh!

Turns out that if you want to belong to that group you have to play by their rules. Not just anyone is welcome, you have to know someone from the gang in the first place in order to join… and after you’ve joined, you’re not allowed to hang out with any of the other crews or you’re out! Especially if you “Launch” them to go chill with people from the Non-Muslim crews. Zubair and Yusuf are exceptions… Yusuf has the money and Zubair’s got the soccer skills AND they’re both fair skinned.

“So why didn’t you join them if you have TWO passes -Yusuf and Zubair?”, I asked after a while, trying hard not to sound like a pest. Ahmed dropped his arms and gave me an are-you-kidding-me kind of look then said, “I don’t approve of their rules… what’s wrong with hanging out with the Non-Muslims? They aren’t dirty. Bra you don’t know these Durban owes, they’re ever willing to learn and discuss not just UNI work but even our religion. They listen better than our own Muslims do… Plus if I need to catch up with my notes they’re always there to help out”.

After half an hour of waiting, Zubair and Yusuf finally came and that too, it wasn’t for long. “Ekse… Maaf man, we have to go. You’ll can vy and maybe we can catch you’ll later?”, Yusuf said quickly, just before he and Zubair ran off back to the group again. WE WAITED… for HALF-AN-HOUR…while our stomachs GROWLED UNCONTROLLABLY… just for them to come tell us that they aren’t going to come and that we can carry on?! I was annoyed at this point.

Ahmed didn’t seem bothered. It was almost like he was used to it. “Bra lets vy my pozie for a chow”, he said as he got into his car. We were at his house in no time. He introduced me to his mother and then I followed him to his room. For a techie, he sure had a very clean room. He put his bag away and threw his jacket over his computer chair while his mother was already dishing out food for us to eat. We washed up and sat at the table! BOY what a meal we had! I hadn’t had a proper lunch ever since I started on campus. While eating we made some small talk with his mother. “Who cleaned my room Ma?”, Ahmed asked politely. “I did”, his mother replied with a smile on her face. It was like she was pleased that he had noticed. When we were done, Ahmed insisted I leave my plate. I thought it was some kind of THING here in Durban, where your guests aren’t allowed to pick up their own plates.

Ahmed took out a small box, put our dirty dishes in it and put the box into the fridge! His mother and I both looked at him like he had lost his mind!! “Ahmed what’s wrong with you!”, his mother yelled as she took the box out of the fridge. “Do you like it Ma? I cleaned up how… ”, Ahmed said in an aren’t-you-proud-of-me tone. “You call this cleaning?! Do the dirty dishes stay in the fridge?!”, his mother said quite irritated by Ahmed’s stupidity. I just sat there quietly… it was like I wasn’t even there.

“You call what you did to my room CLEANING?? Do all the harddrives stay in a box in the cupboard??”, Ahmed said and at this point I was trying SO HARD not to laugh! Now I understood why his room didn’t look like other techno junky’s rooms. “So what then?! How must I clean if everything is lying all over your room and on your desk?”, his mother argued. “It’s meant to stay there! Leave it there… see how irritated you got when I mixed up your things”, Ahmed had a point. “Fine then I won’t clean your room”, his mother huffed and puffed. “Thanks Ma!”, Ahmed said after giving her a hug and kiss to make up for what he just did.

Ahmed’s mum reminded me of Umi. They don’t stay angry for very long and not even minutes later everything was a big joke. How I miss my Umi… Sadeekun… it’s not the same without her…


>>>HahAhA! Can ImagInE GuyS DoInG ThIS… As FoR ZubAiR And YusUf! HmpH! What dO You guys tHinK? SharE yOuR ThOuGhTS…

“Oh you who believe! Why do you say that which you do not do? Most hateful it is in the sight of Allah that you say that which you do not do”
 (Qur’an 61:2-3).

In the first verse of Surah al-Ma’idah, Allah called upon the believers: “O you who believe! Fulfill your promises.” [5:1]

Keeping appointments is vital to our lives. Time is the most precious commodity; once wasted, it can never be recovered. If you made an appointment, whether with a friend, colleague or for business, you should do your utmost to keep this appointment.

“There is no compulsion in religion; truly the right way has become clearly distinct from error; therefore, whoever disbelieves in the Shaitan and believes in Allah he indeed has laid hold on the firmest handle, which shall not break off, and Allah is Hearing, Knowing.” [Qur’an 2:256]

UntIl ThE nExT EpISoDe oF SAyFuLlah’S dIArY<<<


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