3#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 1] – N

{A CIIYF Production}

Sadiqatil-Azizah صديقتي العزيزة (My Dear Friend)

I would say we’re about halfway done with getting the house sorted. These past 2 days have been exhausting! I’m a perfectionist, so if one thing is off, I rearrange everything again until I’m happy with it.

I was really looking forward to going to uncle Farouk’s house for supper because the dust and paint smell in our house was starting to work a number on me. A change of scenery sounded like heaven at this point.

I shuffled through my box of hand-me-downs from my cousins to find something nice to wear. I wanted Dad’s boss’s family to have a nice first impression of us.

“Nusaybah! Cum’on… They’ll be here any minute!” I heard Dad shout from the bottom of the staircase.

“I’m coming!” I yelled as I finished putting on my kajol.

I’m not much of a makeup person, but making sure my scarf is tied perfectly is what takes up bulk of my time.

“I don’t understand why you straighten your hair, when you know you’re going to put your scarf on afterwards,” Luqmaan said, pushing his way in front of me to see himself in my mirror.

“And I don’t understand why you always come to MY room to admire yourself when there’s so many other mirrors in the house,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Well, your mirror is long, so I can see my whole outfit. Plus… I get to have the satisfaction of annoying you,” he smirked as he rubbed his gel in and set his hair.

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TDOAS Whatsapp Line

Alhumdulilah with the Mercy of Allah, the TDOAS Whatsapp line is now up and running.

Feel free to use this line to send through your honest feedback/criticism/suggestions.

You can also receive future post updates via Whatsapp by sending the word “Add” to +27658026030.

While we’re on the topic of future posts, I understand consistency in posting is what keeps the blog alive, however being a 1 man band makes it difficult to post often.

I’ve decided to post once a week, on Fridays, to give me more time to work on each episode for now. When I have a routine it will increase In-Shaa-Allah.


2#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 1] – S

{A CIIYF Production}

Sadiqil-Aziz صديقي العزيز (My Dear Friend)

While trying to figure out what excuse I’d have to come up with to escape the prison this weekend, Abbu popped his head out back and asked us to come help him get some chairs from the madressah classroom.

I wasn’t prepared for what was to happen next…

We got ready to show the small boys playing outside who the real men are. Marching into the classrooms to get the chairs, we proudly carried them into the masjid to show off our gains.

After a few rounds, it got a little tiring and we decided to take a breather. Imraan slyly pulled out a pack of cigarettes. “Bruh! I need a gwaai. All this heavy lifting isn’t good for my health,” he said, contradicting himself.

“Since when you smoke bruh?” I asked curiously. I had never seen him with smokes before. I assumed it was because of how hectic his father is with him.

“Am I that good at hiding it?” he joked.

“I never even suspected,” I told him.

“Yeah man. It hasn’t been that long but eyh… stress. It helps to calm the nerves. Here… Try it,” he said, offering me one.

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2#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 1] – N

{A CIIYF Production}

Sadiqatil-Azizah صديقتي العزيزة (My Dear Friend)

Before agreeing to come along to this new town, I became a terror! I really gave my parents a hard time about this move because at the back of my mind I just had a feeling that this was all going to blow up in our faces.

I’m not one to trust easily. Being padded on, on all sides, ready for anything that gets thrown my way- THAT’S ME! That’s my nature.

Dad going into this unarmed with no safety gear, or in other words, no papers or signed proof that this was even a real job, took me completely out of my comfort zone! Dad on the other hand was completely satisfied jumping into this, head first. He called it, “A leap of faith”

The minute we jumped into the car and set out on our journey, I decided to start looking at this positively for a change and leave all the negativity behind.

“Take a look around kids, this may be the last time you’ll see this place,” dad said.

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1# [THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 1] -S

{A CIIYF Production}

Sadiqil-Aziz صديقي العزيز (My Dear Friend)

“Sayfullah!” she summoned from the kitchen.

“Jee?!” I yelled from my room, gritting my teeth and trying to muster every ounce of sabr I had left.

“Azaan is going! Put your game off!” she yelled back.

Ever since she married my father, that woman has singlehandedly killed every joy I’ve ever had. It’s either her way or the high way. She has Abbu wrapped around her finger and anything she says is the law.

I paused my game but only just switched off the screen, knowing fully well that she’d be coming to check. It’s a good thing that she’s close to Abbu’s age because she doesn’t know much about tech, so it’s easy to fool her.

I went to the bathroom and dabbed some water on my face and arms to give her the impression that I was making wudhu and going to read salaah.

“Masha-Allah!” she whispered under her breath, walking pass the bathroom door like a warden doing her rounds.

I pushed my room door closed and set my Musullah out, just in case. When the coast was clear, I continued playing my game on mute. I’d be lying if I said I felt any guilt. Passing my time playing games was in a way therapeutic for me. It helped me block out all the pressure and stress.

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1#[THE DIARY OF A SINNER- Season 1] -N

{A CIIYF Production}

Sadiqatil-Azizah صديقتي العزيزة (My Dear Friend)

Looking at these walls for the very last time, remembering all the special memories we created within them, had me on the verge of tears.

I picked up my Musullah and took a walk through the house one last time while mum and dad packed the last few boxes into the moving van.

“Luqiiii! Get out of my rooooom!” Luqmaan teased in a high pitched mocking tone as he walked into my now old room.

“THAT is NOT how I sound!” I objected. “You sure you’re not still going through puberty or something?” I mocked back.

“Cum’ere you crybaby!” He pulled me under his arm and squished my face like he always does!

As much as I hate when he does that, I didn’t fight back this time. His norm was a sense of comfort to me at that point because everything else around me seemed to be changing in the blink of an eye.

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Introduction To TDOAS

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

The Diary Of A Sinner is a fictional story written in a series form and is a CII Youth Foundation production. In this series, two main characters are introduced, Nusaybah (female character) and Sayfullah (male character).

The story centers around their lives as they go through the 21st century, trying to fit in the modern world but also not stray away from the teachings of Islam.

The story is aimed at being educational, yet entertaining and also eye-opening for those who may have been, are, or are on the verge of getting themselves into the sticky situations that the characters have gotten themselves into.

The story is NOT based on the author’s life OR anyone in particular (unless stated otherwise), rather it is a projection of many issues facing the Muslim community in this era and what the outcome of our actions would be.

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To New Beginnings

Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Barakaatu to all the TDOAS fans!

Alhumdulilah after giving it much thought and consideration, TDOAS has been handed over to a new author and will continue In-Shaa-Allah.

Instead of having to play catch up, I will be reposting from season one, tweaking the story as we go along to create more of a back story to the characters and at the same time refresh all our memories on who these characters are.

I myself only have a brief outline of where the story is headed but will be taking it post by post. So please feel free to give your ideas and thoughts on plot lines or issues you would like me to address in future episodes.

I look forward to going through this journey with an amazing reader base and a wonderful author to live up to.